Hello everyone!

As you know, the world is going through difficult times, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is using this time to make some reflections about my life. Based on that, today I want to share with you some things I would like to tell to my younger me, in different ages.

These are also lessons I learnt as I grew up, so you can take this as an advice if you want. Hope you like it!

To my 6 year old me

You are enough. You are not bad or evil. The fact that some people (in this case, my father) chose to disappear from your life is not your fault, and that doesn't make you less valuable.

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To my 8 year old me

If someone you love is sick and you can't visit him/her, appreciate every phone call you have with that person. You don't know when it'll be the last time you talk to someone.

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To my 12 year old me

When people are meant to pass away, you can't do anything to avoid it, no matter how much you try. The fact that you're the last person who talk to him/her makes you special, not guilty.

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To my 15 year old

If you are a good student, you will stand out, no matter in which school you are. Things come to your life for a reason, you shouldn't listen to what envious people say.

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To my 16 year old

The fact that someone wants to protect you from the pain can give you an idea of how much that person loves you.

Love is not enough, sometimes you are the right person, but it's not the right time. Some lovers are better as soulmates/best friends because that way they will stay forever.

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To my 17 year old - Part 1

When a friend talks bad things about you or criticizes you, it's not your real friend. Toxic people make you think there is something wrong with you, but it's them who are wrong with themselves.

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To my 17 year old - Part 2

Friendships are weird. The love you can feel for your friends is so big you need to be careful.

You are doing it right by just living in the moment, don't let it get ruined.
Fight for friendship, for understanding people. Be there.

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To my 18 year old - Part 1

If you need to ask for love gestures, it's not actual love. You can't just forget bad things because you think you love that person. You can't just give up yourself to be who someone wants you to be.

Love isn’t mean to make you cry. Even less if it is because that person still talks to their ex or because they say you need to do things you don’t want to for him or her to stay. Don't give them what they doesn't deserve.

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To my 18 year old - Part 2

You deserve good things. And you don't choose who you fall for. When the heart calls, you can't do anything even if you want to. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved.

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To my 19 year old - Part 1

Don't take people for granted. They can leave one day without notice. Tell them you love them, hug them, do things with them.
And don't feel bad for not telling them you love them, sometimes they just knew.

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To my 19 year old me - Part 2

There is nothing wrong with going to a psychologist. Sometimes it's very necessary to being able to let some things go.
Just because you don't think about certain things that happened, it doesn't mean you're over them.

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To my 19 year old me - Part 3

Some people will always have a connection. And you can't fight that. But that doesn't mean you should start the fire all over again and forget the things that happened. Don't hold a grudge, but don't pretend nothing happened either.

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To my 20 year old me (Birthday day)

You are the only thing you should consider when you are making a decision, because you are the one whose living your life. At the end, the words disappear with the wind.

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Feel free to suggest me other life lessons!

See you next time!

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