Hello fellow heartists! It's been a hot minute since writing one of these. Right now I'm just slightly obsessed with the 'Cottage Core' aesthetic and honestly I just need to vent about what I wish my life was like right now. Hope you enjoy! Never be afraid to dream.

Where I Would Live

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I would live in the cutest little traditional cottage, probably somewhere in England because it's my home country. I'd love to live in East Yorkshire or Bronte Country. My home would be near a beautiful woodland where I'd be able to walk in the early mornings. It would be just far enough from a nearby town or village that it was quiet and calm, but not too far as that would be an inconvenience.

What I Would Wear

I love summer dresses with floral prints. They're my favourite things to wear and they make me feel so cute and happy. Most of my clothing would be from thrift stores and charity shops from the local towns and villages, this is to avoid fast fashion wherever I can. For something more casual I would wear jeans and cute floral tops or corset tops.

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How I Would Travel

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My little cottage would be of walking distance to a bus stop where you can catch a bus to go straight to the local town. On days where I feel more active I will cycle to the local towns and\or villages on my bike. For extra long journeys I would take a train. (this would be to travel across country sort of thing)

What My Hobbies Would Be

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I would bake on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis because it's my favorite thing to do and you get a delicious treat out of it. I'd also do a lot of arts and crafts, like painting and sewing. Playing animal crossing and going on walks and picnics would also be a big part of my life.

How I'd Relax

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I would relax by sitting in the garden getting kissed by the sun, enjoying a cup of tea and reading poetry. I'd also play animal crossing because I find it very therapeutic. A lovely bubble bath surrounded by scented candles would also be a main thing for self care.

Where I Would Be In Life

I'd love to be at a place in my life where I'm truly happy and confident in who I am. I want to love myself for who I am. Career wise I would like to be a freelance independent film maker working on pieces every single day and working really hard to further myself. I'd love to have a small business making little art pieces to sell on etsy. To be a little bit realistic, I'll say that I will be taking an online college course to further my knowledge.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this little article! I know it's not very realistic but a girl can dream! I hope you have a happy and amazing day, evening, or night!

♡Keep Hearting♡

𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝒞𝒽𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎 ♡