We know that since little, we really dont care about our hair and we don't wish to have any other girls hair. But as we grow up, we star to care about our look, our hair, etc.
As a girl that her whole life has had curly hair, it has been difficult to grow up with, because up to a certain age, my mom stopped doing my hair, so I had to figure it out by myself, and believe me it was a mess, I only used to wear ponytails or braids, and I always felt bad 'cause I saw the other girls with their beautiful straight hair, it was bad. Then of course I decided to straigth permanently my hair. At first it was good, everyone was amaze and said things like "omg, finally you did it, it looks so good!" even my family. But as I said, at fisrt was really good, but within time, it was not turning good. So people started saying things like "why you did it, you hair looked so good when you were curly" and you know all that bullsh... So I decided to stop listening to everyone and start to taking care of my hair.

And after this short introduction, i'm going to tell you how I did it.

1. First you have to be aware that the process is slow, you will not have results from the night to the morning. It will be with baby steps.

2. I started to look up to a girl, that since a discover her I wanted so badly to have my curls back again. Her name is Jayme Jo, she is so beautiful and she really inspire me everyday. So you can follow someones routine and their tricks, and little by little you will have your own routine.

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Just look at her, she is so beautiful!!

3. Then I started to look the products that are just for my type of curls, we know that our type hair don't like some kinds of chemicals like Isopropyl alcohol, silicones, among others. And brands like Cantu, Curls, DevaCurl are perfect. But if you are like me than can't buy thoose 'cause were we live we don't have them. I use Sedal for curly hair, and it's what works good for me. But after experiment with a lot of brands you will find the perfect one for you.

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Here the things you have to avoid

4. This is what I did, I cut my hair but the parts that were straight, so the difference between my natural curly root won't notice much with the fake part. This really helped a lot, and since then I was able to give it the shape I wanted it.

I know this is not much, but i know it will help you a little bit if you don't know how to start.
And really, love your hair, believe me that once you star to embrace it, there is no way back. You'll feel pretty and unique.

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And remember that with patience, it took me trhee years to have my hair back and I love it everyday more than ever. I hope you will too You can see in my IG a little bit of the transformatiooon.

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I hope you like it, Thanks for reading it. And take care.

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