Lucifer is a character from the academy story I write.

The childhood articles gonna be my new project for the academy.
Lucider is my second one.

His father was a rich, very religious heir, who not only married Lucifer's mother out of love but mainly because she was pregnant

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For Lucifer's mother, it was his money that counted most

His mother paid a lot of attention to him until he turned three

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After that, the house staff took care of him even more than before

He spent most of his childhood in his parents' mansion in England

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His father took him to business meetings to New York and to other headquarters

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Already as a child, he was initiated into almost all of his father's businesses

Lucifer had to learn different skills very early

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He studied most of his childhood

Due to his parents' lack of attention, he was only six when he became police conspicuous

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His cry for attention turned to rage

It went so far that his religious father sent him to a Catholic boys' school

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He attended this school from eight to ten years until he got kicked out

At some point the only good thing for him was his mare Lilith

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He got Lilith from his father as an excuse not to be there on his birthday... again

It got worse and worse and when he was 13 he was sent to the academy

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