Hello all you guys, gals and non binary pals. So for my first proper article I wanted it to be on rose quartz but time slipped away from me and I haven't got all I wanted in it yet so I have settled on doing an article on something else I love and that is writing. The rose quartz one will be up eventually, hopefully my next article or the one after that at most. So with that being said let us get into some writing prompts.

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1) The School
2) The Interview Could Not Have Gone Worse…
3) The Clock Struck Zero.
4) The Ghost Appeared While I Was Making Lunch.
5) It Started With The Virus. It All Ended With Her.
6)Write A Life Changing Scene From Two Different Characters Perspectives.
7) The Gift Was Horrific, But I Couldn’t Tell Them That.
8) They Knew It Was Bad But The Opened The Diary Anyway.
9) It Certainly Was An Interesting Wedding...
10) He Almost Dropped His Coffee When The Cat Started To Talk.
11) "We have been friends for more than six years and not once have you mentioned that you dad is a supreme drug lord who is out to kill you?"
12) "You changed. I didn't think that would happen." "You hurt me. I knew it would happen but I trusted you anyway."
13) What if someone got bit by a vampire, but they didn’t realise it. So then go around misidentifying all the symptoms like;
“Dude, you haven’t gone outside in a while.” “Yeah, last time I went out I got this wicked sunburn.”
“Are you still up?” “Yeah, I started binge watching this show on Netflix.”
“Dude, i’m seriously craving something right now.” “Like what?” “I dunno. Pizza rolls.”
“Why is it you never come into my house unless I invite you in.” “Ummm it’s called being polite.”
“I tried cooking with garlic the other night and got this serious burn on my hand. I think I’m allergic, but all I’m getting on google is vampire stuff.”
14) “You had one job. All you had to do was die.!”
15) A villain getting injured and loses their memory and the hero finds them, taking them with them and taking care of them. The villain gets their memory back after like a week but says nothing because the hero is being so nice to them and no one else has in years so they don’t want it to end. Eventually though something happens and the hero is in trouble and they try to get the villain to run away because they still think they are amnesic. The villain however has grown to like them and doesn't want them to get hurt so pushed past them, towards whatever is trying to hurt the hero and just goes all guns blazing and destroys it.
16) Bloody Hands
17) Poison
18) Kidnapped
19) Torture
20) Pick a beautiful place and set a crime there

Picture Prompts

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