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to explain: inspired by these articles :) !

1) girl groups or boy groups

lisa, rose, and blackpink image kpop, san, and mingi image
both !

2) bts or exo?

bts, jungkook, and taehyung image header, lq, and park jimin image
bts! though I love exo, I listen to bts more and I stan bts.

3) fansign or concert?

twice, dahyun, and chaeyoung image f(x), smtown, and concert image
concert 100% though I'd love to meet my idol, I feel like concerts have way more value, you get to see them preform their best works.

4) zimzalabim or idol?

kpop, irene, and seulgi image red velvet, irene, and bae joohyun image
zimzalabim, though I love idol, I just think that zimzalabim sounds better imo.

5) one group or multiple?

haechan, nct, and markhyuck image twice, kpop, and momo image
I am multifandom, I'll stan almost any group, even though I can be selective, I stan probably over 40+ groups ( mainly ggs )

6) live stages or studio?

gg, girls, and kpop image archive, jihan, and gf image
both, I love listening and watching to live stages, but I also love blowing my ears out with the studio versions :)

7) second or third gen?

girls generation, snsd, and kpop image joy, seulgi, and red velvet image
though I love a lot of songs from the 2nd gen, I like the 3rd gen more, especially since I got into kpop, in late 2015/early 2016.

8) twice or red velvet?

kpop, red velvet, and twice image girlfriends, twice, and irene image
I can't choose, there is no way, they're both my ults and I love them so much :(((

9) posters or albums?

aesthetic, kpop, and minimalist image aesthetic, album, and stray kids image
albums, though I love posters, I like albums more because they have more photos and etc. in them.

10) popular or unpopular groups?

elris, bella, and karin image idle, soojin, and miyeon image
honestly, it doesn't mater to me. It's the music I go for not the popularity, I stan group from blackpink to elris.

11) slow or upbeat music?

aesthetic, fantasy, and nature image chungha, kpop, and kim chungha image
I will listen to both, but I prefer upbeat music. I really like when people mix upbeat and slow too.

12) rapping or singing?

mingi, ateez, and yeosang image stray kids, jisung, and hyunjin image
probably rapping, most of my biases are rappers, I would say singing if I wasn't for that fact lmao.

13) txt or ateez?

kim hongjoong, seonghwa, and park seonghwa image ateez, kpop, and mingi image
as much as I love txt ( especially cysm? ), I listen to ateez more often, and I ult them ajsnfu

14) bts old or new music?

taekook, bts, and jungkook image aesthetic and bts image
I like both. does this question really matter?

15) blackpink songs, forever young or really?

lisa, rose, and jennie image blackpink, rose, and details image
forever young, I think I have said this before, but forever young reminds me of everything summer can bring with it.

16) bg dances or gg dances?

aesthetic, idol, and fashion image kpop, sunmi, and stage image
honestly both, but I tend to learn more gg dances because they're easier for me.

17) easy or hard dances?

ateez, mingi, and hongjoong image twice, mina, and lq icons image
both really, I like a challenge when I learn dances, but I also really enjoy easy ones.

18) low or high voices?

monday, kim jimin, and weeekly image Image removed
I don't really care how higher or low a voice is, I really like when they both get put together ( ex: like when a deep voice and a high voice sing at the same time )

19) mamamoo or sistar?

bora, sexy, and sistar image sistar, bora, and kpop image
sistar, summer queens

20) suju or beg?

Image removed gain, gg, and kpop image
brown eyed girls! sometimes I wonder why suju hasn't disbanded yet, since sm just stopped caring for snsd and f(x) but not suju.

21) bts' songs : run or spring day

bts, jimin, and wallpaper image bts, jhope, and spring day image
spring day, that song really gets me in my feels.

22) lightsicks or photocards?

decor, diy, and interior design image aesthetic, pink, and red velvet image
photocards !

23) natural or dyed hair?

irene, red velvet, and kpop image red velvet, lq, and seulgi image
both, but also the dyed hair really depends on the person sometimes. I tend to like natural hair colors more but I also love unnatural hair dye too.

24) soloists or groups?

somi, chungha, and ioi image somi, chungha, and ioi image
I stan more groups than soloists, so groups!

25) title or sidetracks?

red velvet, wendy, and low quality image red velvet, low quality, and fansite image
both, I love titles, and sometimes sidetracks can be just as amazing.


ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

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