hey everyone
these are things i desire to obtain either as a gift or buying it for myself lol, hope u like these random qt things:)

guitar, aesthetic, and music image
an electric guitar, I SO want to learn to play Arctic Monekys' songs
aesthetic, soft, and vintage image
neutral colored winter sweaters
fashion, korean style, and style image
black and white gingam maxi skirt
background, photography, and road image
funky colored bycicle
beauty and makeup image
orange eyeliner
blonde, girl, and profile image
tortoise shell barettes
aesthetic, shoes, and vintage image
gold framed vintage mirror
fashion, boots, and dress image
cow rint boots, although i'd like some booties instead of these knee high ones, but still, so cute!
coffee, food, and adventure image
sage colored mug set
aesthetic, beige, and chocolate image
this white, and wood shelf


thanks for reading, have a nice day

xx sham