This is a list of amazing songs that deserve a lot more attention.
I could say many of these artists are also very underrated too.
If you listen any of these songs and like them, that will make me very happy.
So here we go:

"Fino All'Estasi" - Eros Ramazzotti ft. Nicole Scherzinger

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"...You're drowning in the deep for me,
I love the way I'm drawn to you.
Just like oceans rise to kiss the moon,
It's gravity,
Our love is like gravity...''

''Perfect World" - Gossip

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''...From the beginning,
My head was spinning
The perfect star...
Oh a church
A place to fit in,
A new religion,
I found your heart...''

''Moments'' - Tove Lo

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''...Grew up with a lot of dreams
Plans who to be
None of them know were mine,
I love freaks, I don't care if you're a wild one...''

''Come and Get It'' - John Newman

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''...Every man have been broken
Every woman too,
The reason I think I'm something special baby,
Is 'cause I was never broken by you...''

''Acapella'' - Kelis

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''...The sound in the distance
No orchestra playing together
Like a boat out to sea,
The silence was too deafening,
So come and revive me...''

''Chocolate'' - Kylie Minogue

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''...If love were a human it would know me,
In a lost space come and show me,
Hold me and control me and then
Melt me slowly down,
Like chocolate...''

"Some Kind of Heaven" - Hurts

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''...I don't need a God to tell me that I'm wrong,
I don't need hell to make me scared of love,
I don't need a symphony to sing my song,
'Cause there's a choir of angels deep inside my lungs,
And I can hear them sing...''

''Waiting for Tomorrow'' - Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton feat. Mike Shinoda

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''...There's nothing I have wanted more,
The only one I've been waiting for,
So hold your breath and close your eyes,
The night is cold but the sun will rise...''

''Promise This" - Cheryl Cole

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''...Though I'm walking through the shadows,
You are with me and you comfort me
Lay me down now,time for sleeping
But before that, would you restore me?...''

''Every Breaking Wave - U2

bono and u2 image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫

''...The sea knows where are the rocks
And drowning is no sin,
You know where my heart is
The same place that yours has been
And we know that we fear to win,
And so we end before we begin...''

"You Don't Know Love" - Olly Murs

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''I don't wanna be your lover
I don't wanna be your fool,
Pick me up whenever you want it
Throw me down when you are through,
'Cause I've learned more from what's missing...''

"In the Dark" - Bring Me The Horizon

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''...Well, I'm looking on the bright side now,
Trying to figure out somehow,
You can give the act up now
Go ahead and take a bow...''


I hope you enjoyed. Until next time,

- Mikaela.