Didn't think I'd return so soon, did ya?

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I see lots of people on here posting their favourite shows and cartoons (mostly childhood shows and cartoons) and I guess this is similar to that but I just organized it according to the zodiac signs.

Hope you enjoy and not get triggered (it's always a sad day to be triggered by astrology...can't tell you how many times I've been exposed and I just... sad crying sounds)


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disney, gif, and kim possible image
[Kim Possible]


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[Hannah Montana]
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[Fresh Prince of Bel Air]


car, funny, and lol image
[The Office US]
pain, food, and eating image
[Hannah Montana]
disney, funny, and quotes image
[The Suite Life of Zack and Cody]


laugh, Steve Carell, and the office image
[The Office US]
funny, disney, and that's so raven image
[That's so Raven]
funny, lol, and korean image
[Running man]


chandler, funny, and monika image
Image by the girl who cried wolf
[Hannah Montana]
Image by Private User
[Kim Possible]


fairly odd parents, timmy turner, and cosmo and wanda image
[Fairly Odd Parents]
will smith, funny, and fresh prince of bel air image
[Fresh Prince of Bel Air]
famous, funny, and drake and josh image
[Drake and Josh]


Image by 96
[Drake and Josh]
Image by In the eye abides the ℋeart▷
[Zoey 101]
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[Spongebob Squarepants]


cartoon, disney, and gif image
[Kim Possible]
frases, sad, and textos image
[Fairly Odd Parents]


quotes, meme, and funny image
[The Cheetah Girls]
mood, cartoon, and powerpuff girls image
[Powerpuff Girls]


escape, funny, and juliet image
beautiful, gif, and big time rush image
[Big time rush]
best friends, psych, and shawn image


cartoon, bratz, and childhood image
alien, et, and funny image
[gugure! kokkuri san]
alien, big bang theory, and funny image
[Big Bang]


bed, quotes, and sleep image
[The 70s show]
disney, funny, and raven image
[That's so Raven]
flute, nickelodeon, and funny image
[Zoey 101]

Hope y'all enjoyed, later (O u O)/

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