low waist jeans + crop tops

Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and purple image

rhinestone belts

fashion, aesthetic, and jeans image fashion, yellow, and outfit image

small purses (especially pink ones)

Image removed Temporarily removed

colored sunglasses

trendy sunglasses, vintage sunglasses, and square sunglasses image glasses, hair, and lipgloss image

pink + colourful makeup

Temporarily removed pink, girl, and makeup image


lips, aesthetic, and glitter image pink, glossy, and aesthetic image

acrylic nails

Image removed pink, aesthetic, and makeup image

pink outfits

pink, y2k, and fashion image Image removed

fluffy bucket hats

Temporarily removed aesthetic, designer, and material image

pendant + diamante necklaces

Temporarily removed fashion, gold, and jewelry image

butterfly clips/normal clips

aesthetic, butterfly, and 90s image girl, aesthetic, and butterfly image

jelly shoes

90's, babydoll, and fashion image flowers, black, and fashion image
Temporarily removed
hope you enjoyed <3

- Em