Hello all witches and all non-witches! This is part two of Wicca 101. Keep in mind that Wicca and it's beliefs are very individual so during these articles I will be sharing MY thoughts, so please don't jump me. I hope you enjoy!

If it harms none, do what you will


In this part, I will introduce 10 of the different paths of Wicca. There are many, so I might not get all of them, but if you like this, give it a heart and I might do a part 2!


1. Traditional Witch

Traditional witchcraft is a term to describe the type of Wiccan or witch who uses the Old Ways to preform their magic, or who gets their powers from the Old Craft and traditions. You do not have to be a Wiccan to be a Witch, nor to use the Old Ways to preform magic. It is also usual for a traditional witch to study their local roots and work around that.
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2. Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witches has different names, for instance home witch. A kitchen witch mostly based around their home and their kitchen, and usually one would say that potions and baking is a big part of being a kitchen witch. Many kitchen witches would argue that the kitchen is the heart of a home.
If you are interested in Kitchen witchery, here are a few ideas to try out:
A kitchen-based altar. Create an altar with spices and herbs, maybe a statue and candles and you can use it to bring magic into your food or potions!
Cookbooks can make an Book of Shadows! Maybe you'd like to consider having an entire BOS dedicated to your kitchen magic, with recipes and such?
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3. Sea Witch

Someone who identifies as a sea witch usually has a strong connection to the sea or water, and this element might help you out a lot. Other things that a sea witch is more inclined to use could be seashells, sea grass or sand. Many also uses things they find at the beach or in the water for spells or decoration on their altar. Sea witches might also like to preform magic on the shore or in the water.
Mermaids, Kraken and other sea creatures might interest you, along with sea dieties such as Poseidon!
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4. Hedge Witch

A Hedge witch is one who would like to travel between this world and the Otherworld, like astralprojecting. They are more likely to be able to communicate with the other side, and might even be able to travel there. Historically, hedge witches were good healers and therefore also great with herbs. Many modern hedge witches still include this quite a lot in their lifestyle, herbal practice and healing practice.
So if you are interested in these kind of things, you might want to explore the art of astral projection, but please don't try this recklessly. Read a lot and start small!
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5. Elemental Witch

As the name suggest, an elemental witch workd with the element! Mose witches use the elements in one way or another, but an elemental witch base their practice on it and work to always honor the elements. Some elemental witches might even have an altar for each element- might be something to consider if you are interested in elemental magic! Some might have a specific element they identify with or feel more connected to, and primarily work with that one.
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6. Green Witch

Or Garden witch, focuses their practice on the earth and the things that grow. One might feel very connected to herbs, flowers, trees and so on and like honoring and using them in spellwork and such. Many prefer to have their own garden to grow their own herbs and plants. Green witches are often founf outside in nature.
Another name for a green witch can also be forrest witch, but I would believe that a forrest witch prefers to be out in nature, while garden witches might prefer the comfort of their home or their garde- while a green witch is somewhere in between.
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7. Dianic Witch

Dianic witches are very female-centered, and some argue you can't be male and be a Dianic witch. Some would call this the most feminine witch of all, but you should take that with a grain of salt. Of course you can be feminine and all that but not focus your work around Diana! Dianic witches often focuses on honouring the three states of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone.
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8. Ancestral Witch

Ancestral witches uses their ancestors to preform magic, usually an ancestral witch will have had witches in their family. It is possible to work with your ancestors even though they weren't witches, but some might argue that the point is to channel their powers as witches.
Ancestral witches also might enjoy astral projection and moving between the veil.
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9. Eclectic Witch

An eclectic witch is kind of a mix. They aren't really attached to one specifik teaching, but take and learn from a lot of different lore, religions, tradition and culture. You might say that an eclectic witch make their own rules and paths, so in one way there is no eclectic witch like the other!
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10. Cosmic Witch

Cosmic witches are those who are interested in the cosmos, astrology and astronomy. Even though the concept of a cosmic witch is contemporary, astrology and cosmic witchcraft is rather old! Cosmic witches usually follow the movements and rotations of the stars, moons and planets and focus their work on that.
Basing rituals and spells on the location of planets and such are common. Also, charging water and crystals and other stuff under specific rotations could be really helpful!
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Hopefully you enjoyed this and found it helpful! There is of course a lot more to say about the different paths, so consider this a crash-course!