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୨୧ your opinion on SNSD? ✧✦

snsd, taeyeon, and kpop image aesthetic, peachy, and soft image Image removed snsd and taeyeon image
i dont stan SNSD, but the girls are so talented and i enjoy listening to SNSD songs !!

୨୧ your opinion on kpop rookies this year? ✧✦

lq, cravity, and ham wonjin image cravity, ham wonjin, and park serim image bic, win, and minjae image bic, kpop, and selca image
the rookie groups that debuted this year do have really good songs that id definitely put in my playlist, but i dont think i would stan any of the groups that debuted

୨୧ your opinion on the recent comebacks.? ✧✦

theres many more recent comebacks from many other groups but these songs/ comebacks are the only ones ive heard to!!

Image by Rita🧸 mingyu, wonwoo, and Seventeen image
꒰seventeens comeback ꒱ :: At first i didnt really like the song but after a few times of hearing it again i really liked the song, the b-sides were also so good !!
mamamoo, hwasa, and maria hwasa image flowers, hair, and jewellery image
꒰hwasa solo-comeback꒱ at first i didnt like the song but i really like the song after hearing it a few times!! hwasa is such a talented queen <3
rio, nizi, and ayaka image kpop, mako, and maya image
꒰niziU pre-debut song ꒱ the song was alright, its not really my cup of tea but i cant wait til the girls finally debut !!
irene, seulgi, and red velvet image red velvet, irene, and kang seulgi image
꒰seulgi & irene sub unit comeback ꒱ i really liked the mv and monster is a really good song !! monster soty !!
blonde, lisa, and tumblr image Image removed
꒰blackpinks pre-release꒱ omg blackpink hasnt had a comeback in like a year, i missed the girls so much and i cant wait til the full album releases + how you like that was a good song!! i missed the girls so much
Image by Valentina Tolotti Image by Valentina Tolotti
꒰EXO-SC comeback꒱ :: omg i love the MV and the song 1 billion views is such a good song i really love it, the b-sides were so so so good i really liked chanyeol and sehuns solo songs!! im so happy for the boys omg

୨୧ your opinion on dating in kpop? ✧✦

hyuna, couple, and kpop image kpop, hyuna, and edawn image couple, dawn, and hyuna image momo, twice, and hirai momo image
i have nothing against idols dating, if they are happy thats good, the only thing that matters is that they are happy ♡

୨୧ your opinion on the way trainees train.? ✧✦

kpop, red velvet, and irene image red velvet, lq, and seulgi image boys, kpop, and Seventeen image jun, Seventeen, and DK image
i dont really have an opinion about this, because i dont not know alot about trainees

୨୧ your opinion on leader position in a group? ✧✦

Seventeen and s.coups image exo, love, and uwü image cyber, edit, and icons image shownu and monsta x image
leaders are so funny, talented, and nice,, they are normally the most underrated members that sucks please stop sleeping on the leaders :( leaders are usually responsible people who take care of the members of the group and treat them well ( cough cough jimin AOA couldnt relate)

୨୧ your opinion on senior groups? ✧✦

Jonghyun, SHINee, and kim jonghyun image key, SHINee, and kpop image key, SHINee, and kibum image boy, handsome, and korean image
i love senior groups!! espically the boy groups like bigbang and shinee, and suju!! senior groups really make catchy songs which i really like!!

୨୧ your opinion on the " stan (group name) " trend.? ✧✦

kpop and lq image dino, Seventeen, and vernon image Chen, kai, and sehun image nct, nct 127, and taeyong image
i have nothing against people saying stan ( group name) as long as it doesnt start any fan wars its alright, even tho it gets annoying sometimes !!

୨୧ your opinion on kpop groups releasing english songs? ✧✦

jungwoo, doyoung, and nct image Image removed boys, detail, and header image chuu, loona, and choerry image
normally i dont really like the english songs/ english versions of a song but its alright some people might enjoy the english versions but i enjoy the korean version more.

୨୧ your opinion on concepts in kpop.? ✧✦

the boyz, changmin, and eric image boys, changmin, and icons image icon, kpop, and meme image hwall, heo hyunjoon, and tbz image
it depends on what conpect, im more of a fan of a sexy conpect but girl crush and the cute conpect + the other hundreds of conpect are also nice and enjoyable to listen/ look at

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