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Hello everyone, Here another Disney Article yay!!


#1 Elsa or Cinderella?

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Cinderella, Because I also love the Cinderella stories. She is a classic princess and I personally think Elsa is a pretty overrated! Other thing she is gives me hope to dream for a prince of my own when I was a little girl.

#2 Snow white or Tiana?

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Tiana. I like her style her being a hard worker and being a great role other for young girls. She is fight for where she believes in and is as great badass princess! Also I never really were a fan of Snow white that much when I was younger she was so boring...

#3 Ariel or Aurora?

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Ariel. I love her style! She is cheerful and makes her dreams come true even if that means that she has to do things that not always the right thing to do. She is a funny and lovely redhead and I like Ariel alot!

#4 Pocahontas or Belle?

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Belle. I feel pretty relatable to Belle. She love to read so do I. Also I like her style for being different en being herself. She is a great role model for our nerdy bookworms!

#5 Jasmine or Mulan?

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Jasmine, She is cool and has a tiger as a pet how cool is that right! I like her a lot in the life action she is so badass and cool girl! I like Mulan too but Jasmine is just more my kind of princess! I also love that she has a a great own song Speechless! I love that song!

#6 Rapunzel or Merida?

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Rapunzel! She is for sure my favorite Disney Princesss! So like this cheerful princess she make me smile!

#7 Moana or Anna?

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Mmm Hard one! I like Moana alot but Anna make me smile alot. Moana is one of those independent woman with a man. Anna want to marry a man she just met. mmm. I choose Moana because she is cooler!

#8 Megara or Jane?

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Good one... I not a big fan of neither of them but for this article I choose Jane because she is pretty nice.

#9 Alice or Tinkerbell?

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Tinkerbell. She is a sassy fairy I like alot! She is cute and I like her a lot! I like Alice too she was like me when I was a kid. Fantasy world daydreaming and stuff. I just never like her that much when I watch the movie when I was a kid.

#10 Esmeralda or Kida?

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Mmm Other Different Choose. I know Kida is a really underrated Disney princess. But in the other hand is Esmeralda a great Gypsy Character. I really though was cool back in the day. I also like Kida she is also a little to mysterious for me. So I Choose Esmeralda! She is a kind and a good kind of different.

#11 Wendy or Lilo?

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Oh another different one mmm. I like Wendy because like Wendy I was not really ready to grow up. Lili was a weirdo kid just like me. I like Lilo being herself even when other not like her or bully her. Wendy is a great mother friend and is kind. Lilo is the social outcast like me. She accepted Stitch because she knows what is is to be different. I think I say I like both a lot!

#12 Alice or Maleficent?

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I like Maleficent in her own movie but I also was scared of her when I was a kid when I watch Sleeping Beauty... Like I said early in this article I liked Alice alot she is a daydreamer like me. So I choose Alice for sure!

#13 Cinderella or Belle?

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Belle for Sure! I like Cinderella is great. But Belle is Awesome!

#14 Jasmine or Aurora?

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Jasmine for sure! She is cool!
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This the end of my article bye bye !!