Hey Everybody,

I had seen this trend on tiktok and saw this article today and decided to do it as well.


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My actual name. It is manly my family that calls me by my actual name and I rarely introduce myself as Beatriz. If I am in a professional setting either in college or somewhere else it is always my actual name that is used.
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My main nickname. I have been called Bia by my friends since kindergarten, I always introduce myself that way. Always ready to go on adventures and to party.
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The nickname given to me by my college godmother. It is manly my college family that calls me by this nickname but sometimes my friends also use it. Wine and art type of vibe.
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My volleyball nickname given to me by my first coach. People don't really call me that anymore now is manly by my last name but for years I was called that by my team and coach. Confident and kinda of a sore loser.