Hi everyone,

If you have been following me for awhile then hopefully you would know that my name is Elise. I have had a YouTube channel for about 4 years now and I have been ASTRONOMICALLY consistent on it for the past 4 months. I am right now lying at 134 subscribers and my big goal right now is to hit 500 subscribers. On my channel I post comedy, vlogs and lifestyle videos and the best twist with my videos is that I do the most trending videos on YouTube right now but I add some type of comedic flare to my videos to show my originality and goofiness in my videos. I hope that you all would checkout my channel whenever you can and please don't hesitate to subscribe to it and re-share my posts about it because that would help me out so much. I love YouTube so much and I want to earn my moneys worth from creating very critically though out and creatively designed and edited videos. Shoutout to any of you that are fellow youtubers, if you are a really small youtuber like me please try your best to not get too discouraged. Keep doing what you love and sooner or later people will come across what you make and love just as much as you do. I might right more articles on here more for fun and I hope you all like them. But yeah anyways I hope you are all doing okay and feel free to checkout the link to my channel. xoxo <3.......gossip girl?!?....nahh just kidding...xoxo Elise <3 lol