hello! I've seen many creators do this tag and I found it really interesting, so I decided to do it too.

this is the article I will take most of the "questions" from, check it out if you want to (others questions are invented by me)

... an element

Temporarily removed fire and blue image

... a color

blue, city, and dark image blue, dark, and sky image
dark blue

... an animal

aesthetic, animals, and pets image cat, animal, and flowers image
a cat

... a princess

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Belle from "The Beauty and The Beast"

... a place

sky, travel, and car image moon, mountains, and sky image
the mountains

... a time of the day

moon, night, and grunge image car, driving, and grunge image

... a feeling

boy, snow, and winter image eyes, blue, and aesthetic image

... a natural phenomenon

green, aesthetic, and lightning image Image removed

... a tv show

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
American Horror Story: Murder House

... a season

Image by SoulStratum autumn, graveyard, and fall image

... a flower

Image by AlinaSavelieva Image by K Y L I E
red rose (pretty basic Ik but I love it)

... an acessory

butterfly, necklace, and jewelry image Image by Jehniffer Silva

... a song

Temporarily removed control, Lyrics, and halsey image
control - Halsey

... a job

Image removed aesthetic, coachella, and concert image
lead singer of a band

... a food

food, pizza, and cake image Image by b

... a drink

tea, aesthetic, and drink image drink, daisy, and tea image
tea - literally any kind, I love tea

... a mystical creature

aesthetic, purple, and demon image angel, wings, and dark image
a demon

... a tv show/movie character

gif, Gotham, and cute image Temporarily removed
Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) - Gotham

... a hobby

ghost, text, and aesthetic image
paranormal research - is that even a hobby?

... a movie

lorraine warren, ed warren, and the conjuring 2 image film, gif, and horror image
The Conjuring 2

... a band/singer

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
My Chemical Romance

... an album

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Sounds Good Feels Good - 5 Seconds of Summer

ok guys this was my tag! hope you enjoyed reading it, have a good day :)