The fear of a blank page: Plagiarism
- Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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❝ So, let’s talk about plagiarism. When browsing through the article section on whi I saw this title which captured my attention. I was just reading but something felt really off about the whole article…it was a whole word vomit and sounded like it belonged to a magazine. To confirm my suspicions, I copied a portion of the article and pasted it on google. And what do you know…that whole portion was plagiarised. Word for word. It explained why in that article it sounded really off and why there was no pictures for something that had a lot of words. In fact, this wasn’t the only article that has been plagiarised. There has been countless others on this site if you look carefully. This really sucks to see because I thought many people know that plagiarism = BAD (but evidently not).
If you didn’t know this before I’ll say it now:
I kind of want to expose this person and their article lol because they need to be accountable for their actions (and yes, their article is still up there) but I’ll leave it up to the whi community to decide whether they want to know or not.

We would like to thank the writer, for bringing up such an important issue on this platform. Plagiarism has always been an issue when writing, on an online platform.

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Nadine/ @sparkling_tears - First of all, I want to stress out again that coping articles/phrases/text passages without paying credit to the author is illegal. It is also really rude and unfair. Just think about it the other way around. If somebody copied my text, I would be really upset and angry about it. WHI is such a special community, because the users (we!) share our creativity and positivity. I don't want that to be ruined. That's why I encourage you not to tolerate this behaviour. I don't want to pressure anybody, to call other users out.
(Maybe you already tried it, but I want to make a suggestion) In your situation I would write a kind message, explaining that you found the original article/post and that plagiatism is not acceptable. I would ask the user to either input the source or delete the article. I guess that this would already change a lot and even if not, at least you tried. I don't want to stay quite anymore, where wrong is done and it isn't even necessary to make in public in the first instance.
I really hope that cases like this won't increase, because it makes me sad.
Anika / @TaintedAesthatics - The main and the most important thing everyone has to understand is that plagiarism is completely wrong. You’re stealing someone elses work and claiming it your own. Where’s the pride in that? Do something yourself and be proud of it. Not to mention, if a plagiarist gets caught? There are severe punishments. So please, do not plagiarise, do not support those who do and report it if you see it happening. We Heart It should be a safe community for writers , not a place filled with copied and plagiarised articles.
Kim / @music_infinity - The person who made the confession should report it to WHI through their email account and provide proof that it came from another website, my WHI friends and I have reported people in the past and the people in question have had accounts blocked and even Recognized Writers (when that was still a thing) and Heartist badges taken away from them as punishment until they deleted the plagiarized articles.
Plagiarism is a blatant violation of someone else’s original copyright work and shouldn’t be tolerated. This is the kind of stuff that would get students expelled from college/university and potentially ruin people’s livelihoods! If you’re taking inspiration from an article on a different website, at least credit the source somewhere in the article.
WHI is a place for everyone to express themselves and I think some of the people who are plagiarizing would be surprised as to how much positive feedback they could get from an article if they took the time to write something themselves.
Abby/ @gypsophiliet - Before I didn't use to think that plagiarism was a issue on WHI. I uploaded an article (I won't be mentioning it) and one or two days later I saw a very similar article to it. It wasn't copied word for word but there were a lot of similarities + a many texts in my article were also in that article, as well as the similar structure. It felt very bad because that article was a tag article, something you're supposed to write out of your own creativity. If I linked the two articles, readers would understand better, but I won't be doing that. Stop plagiarizing, please.
Writer - I'm the anonymous person who had wrote that. Thanks for posting it! I've taken your advice and tried reporting it but for some reason I didn't get a clear response from them and instead got a copyright form to fill as if the user had copied my work when that isn't the case. Maybe you can help me with it?
(I wanted to expand beyond the normal astrological zodiacs which led me to this article)
I've only checked plagiarism for the the 4 animals above but they were all 100% plagiarised so I assume that the rest were copied as well using the same website.
>> WHI Anonymous - @writer, I'm extremely sorry I couldn't disclose the writer and the plagiarised article in this article, as that would amount to defamation. But, our page, as well all the team members, will be taking action against the article. Thank you for being brave enough to not only reveal the plagiarist, but for also taking action against the plagiarism.

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