some favorite characters from E.F.H.

Apple white

characters, snow white, and apple white image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It bracelet, accessories, and jewelry image aesthetic, blue, and eye makeup image lips, red, and blonde image clothes and red dress image fashion, aesthetic, and fur image red, shoes, and heels image Image by Anna

Ashlynn ella

Ashlynn, cinderella, and eah image
hair and hairstyle image accessories, earrings, and jewelry image makeup, beauty, and eyeliner image lips, pink, and makeup image Image removed fashion, skirt, and flowers image blue, highheels, and shoes image crown, diamond, and tiara image

Blondie lockes

bears, fairytales, and blondie lockes image
Temporarily removed earrings, necklace, and chic image Temporarily removed lips, lipstick, and makeup image fashion, dress, and outfit image fashion, gucci, and style image fashion, heels, and black image accessories, clip, and baby image

Briar beauty

characters, ever after high, and fairytales image
fashion, hairstyle, and hairstyles image fashion, glasses, and pink image beauty, brown eyes, and eye image dark, lips, and beauty image dress, golden globes, and nails image accessories, earrings, and jewelry image Temporarily removed crown, pink, and princess image

Cerise hood

fashion, red riding hood, and wolf image
bear, black hair, and cruella image eyes, makeup, and beauty image beauty, fashion, and girl image blouse, fashion, and plaid image Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and autumn image boots, dr martens, and grunge image

Lizzie hearts

cartoon, childhood, and royal image
Temporarily removed bag, purse, and cute image makeup, red, and beauty image red, lips, and lipstick image denim, dress, and style image fashion, skirt, and black image shoes, red, and heels image crown, red, and Queen image

Madeline hatter

cartoon, childhood, and rebel image
beautiful, beauty, and hairstyle image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beauty, makeup, and skin care image boca, make, and Nude image fashion, look, and style image Image by Kaley shoes, boots, and pink image Image removed

Raven queen

characters, evil queen, and ever after high image
hair, hairstyle, and braid image fantasy, gothic, and medieval image art, awesome, and eye image lips, piercing, and lipstick image Image removed black, fashion, and heels image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It