hi guys! so i've been watching all seasons of haikyuu since they came out on netflix and as a volleyball player, this anime is so good!! so here are some of my favourite quotes from haikyuu hope you guys enjoy!

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We're like the blood in our veins.
We must FLOW without stopping.
Keep the oxygen MOVING and
your mind WORKING.
—Tetsurō Kuroo
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An excellent seedling needs suitably excellent soil. It can't yield first-rate fruit on barren land.
Wakatoshi Ushijima
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We'll never win if we don't believe we can.
— Daichi Sawamura
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It's a matter of whether 'that moment' exists for you or not...If you experience that moment, it'll really get you hooked on volleyball.
—Kōtarō Bokuto
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The only ones who will remain on the court are the strong.
—Tobio Kageyama
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I'm not an ace but, I can create a pathway in front of the ace. I'll be the strongest decoy!
—Shōyō Hinata
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If we go for whats somewhat safe here, it'll mean we NEVER changed.
—Kōshi Sugawara
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Six who are strong together, are stronger!
—Tōru Oikawa
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Life is a bore if you don't challenge yourself.
—Yū Nishinoya
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To strike past all obstacles...That's the Ace!
Asahi Azumane
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Uselessly hot-blooded people irritate me.
Kei Tsukishima

After watching the series, oh how i wished i watched it back when i was still playing volleyball in school. i learnt so much not only about the sport but also on the team work that the players have. each one of them putting in their own individual best in order to make their team shine.

So this is it! i'm finally out of school and i have so many ideas for articles to write. hope you guys enjoy this! Bye Bye!!

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