Hi loves! Today I’m going to be telling you why your first crush says a lot about you and how romanticizing your first celebrity crush and favorite movie actor may have affected how you interact with people you find attractive now and relationships in general. This is a part of my “let’s talk about it” series where I spill the tea, vent, and offer a new perspective so enjoy!

So I’m pretty sure we’ve all had crushes. Whether you want to admit it or not we’ve all found that one special person (celebrity or in real life) so attractive and mystical and have thought that they could absolutely do no wrong. I don’t think many people generally recognize what’s happening at the time or even remember the first time they felt that way about someone in real life. However, I’m sure nearly everyone can remember their first celebrity crush. That moment where you’re watching a movie, tv show, or concert and this person just walks onto the screen and into your heart.

I remember this vividly and talk a lot more about my first real celebrity crush (Harry Styles when I was 11) and how it led to the immediate obsession that I (and many other girls my age) had with One Direction after that. It was crazy to me at the time because I had found people attractive and had even had a “boyfriend” or two, but I literally thought I was in love with him at the time, which I think is hilarious now.

My point is that I became obsessed with who I perceived my celebrity crush to be and the thought of him as everything I had read about him in fanfics and watched in interviews but that simply wasn’t the real him. Because of this unrealistic standard I placed on my celebrity crush it affected how I saw real boys my age and felt about relationships.

In tomorrow’s episode of my podcast I talk about this in detail and share some embarrassing crush stories so look out for that but I definitely just wanted to share this phenomenon with you guys and change your perspective a little bit.

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Until next time I love you and please stay safe and healthy :)