The second and probably last article I'll be making on 2020 in general, unless shit hits the fan again. So you're here to hear about what I think of Covid-19 and the stuff revolving around it. Well, I'll be mostly talking about the reopening of schools and such, I might bring some history into this, so buckle up.

So, everyone has heard about Covid-19, right? The worldwide disease that's fucked up everyone's plans of the summer and such. It took away a whole quarter of school and kept us home, but I can't complain entirely about online schooling. I kind of enjoyed online school because I didn't have to see people I don't like, but also I felt lonley because I wasn't able to see people I like either. Quarantine made life a bit harder for everyone. The students and the parents of online schooling. Then, when I heard they're opening school back up in August I was questioning the logic of the school board.

I mean, they require us to learn history, but what's the point of learning it if they don't use history to help not repeat it?

I have so many questions for the school board like: How do we social distance in school? How are we supposed to wash our hands after every class if everyone's going to try and do that at the same time? How are we supposed to always wash our hands if the bathrooms are always locked? Why don't we just continue online schooling if you try your best to "keep us safe"?

The list could go on and on, but we don't have time for that, but you can tell I'm a bit annoyed by the reopening of school. I mean, if you reopen everything in Fall, like they did with the Spanish Flu, more people will get the disease. If I'm being honest; although it's very dreaded by lots of people, I think we should continue quarantine and online school, until at least winter. That would be the minimum and the maximum would be the whole school year, but I know people wouldn't like that one bit.

Anyway, what do you think?