life 1:
Temporarily removed room, bedroom, and home image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image book, coffee, and aesthetic image
live by yourself in washington/norcal, creating a home for yourself and meeting new friends.
book and notes image book, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, foto, and life image Image removed
you teach english at the local high school, shaping young minds through the words of the greats - poe, austen, fitzgerald, hemingway, orwell.
summer, breakfast, and nature image food, mountains, and nature image drink, breakfast, and cozy image vintage, indie, and nature image
on the weekends, you and your friends go to the local farmer’s market and buy food for picnics in the mountains. you hike and swim in the lakes, completely open to the great outdoors.
life 2:
Image by - city and new york image aesthetic and photography image bedroom, aesthetic, and interior image
live with your friends in new york, attending college and barely scraping by in your studio apartment.
Temporarily removed city, new york, and building image coffee, travel, and cafe image bridge, travel, and architecture image
you study political science and international relations at nyu, jumping between classes and work.
boy, couple, and indie image boy, dog, and vintage image boy, girl, and friends image grunge image
on your days off and in between classes, you skate with your friends, visit coffee joints, and go thrifting. you cause mayhem and chaos in the city at night, when you stumble loudly back to your apartment, pizza and alc in hand.
life 3:
Temporarily removed summer, breakfast, and nature image aesthetic, alternative, and flowers image home image
live independently in spain, in an apartment with a balcony, overflowing with flowers. you have no attachments and responsibilities - just to live freely.
Temporarily removed food, pasta, and healthy image food, shrimp, and asparagus image beauty, fashion, and nature image
you own a restaurant in the city, serving fresh and delicious food to tourists and locals alike. you keep the place full of plants and people, always happy to lend a smile and a helping hand.
Temporarily removed summer, vineyard, and aesthetics image girl, car, and summer image fruit, travel, and italy image
on your off time, you traipse through the city, buying whatever catches your eye - fresh baked bread, paella, trinkets. you take the train to the next country over and see the sights, unknown to everyone around you.
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