Hey you guys,

I hope you are well.
Today I want to talk about something I am currently working on.

For those of you, who've never heard of it. Stoicism is a philosophy firstly founded by an acnient greek called Zeno. It was practiced by greeks like Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. They all used Stoicism to lead a better and more successful life with more qualtiy and value.

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The four virtues.

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Courage is about being brave. Having fear leads to emotion and being stuck at one point. You won't get ahead by just always worrying.


Too much bravery leads to foolishness. To less leads to being stuck and not moving forward. So it takes the right amount of things and not just the things themselves.

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Doing what's right.

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The knowing. The learning. You cannot apply justice without knowing what's right. You cannot be brave without knowing where to go and how to get there.

Stoicism in a Pandemic

Stoicism is about quality of life. A stoic enjoys the good times of life and refuels his energy. Because he knows there will be bad times. But he is not worried. Because panic and anxiety are never good partners. He keeps himself open to everything. Every opportunity.
He keeps himself up to date. Remains a student always.

We all struggle at this time.
And for me stoicism is a good way to cope with it. I am a very emotion driven person and stoicism helps me to control that a bit more.
So I hope I awoke your interest and helped you a bit.

Stay safe. Stay at home. Keep distance.
We are in this together and we will get out of it together.

Love you all,