People would probably hate me but I had the idea of casting the cast of shadowhunters in winx because I love shadowhunters and some characters reminds me of them.
No hate towards the cast of Fate The Winx Saga, it's just for fun.

Katherine McNamara as Bloom

pretty, jace wayland, and dominic sherwood image beautiful, eyes, and fight image gif, clary fairchild, and shadowhunters image actress, jace lightwood, and clarissa morgenstern image

Dominic Sherwood as Sky

jace herondale, shadowhunters, and dominic sherwood image gif, clary fray, and jace herondale image gif, katherine mcnamara, and jace wayland image Dominic, lightwood, and shadowhunters image

Matthew Daddario as Brandon

matthew daddario and actor image character, clary fairchild, and shadowhunters image serious, love problems, and shadowhunters image 2016, shirtless, and shadowhunters image

Sarah Hyland as Flora

beauty, flower, and girl image gif image girl, hair, and sarah hyland image sarah hyland image

Jade Hassouné as Helia

gif, tmi, and meliorn image actor, jade hassouné, and handsome image cazadores de sombras, shadowhunters, and meliorn image actor, jade hassouné, and handsome image

Luke Baines as Riven

jace wayland, alec lightwood, and dominic sherwood image jonathan morgenstern, jonathan christopher, and jace herendale bts image clary fray, jace herondale, and shadowhunters image lilith, shadowhunters, and jonathanmorgenstern image

Sydney meyer as Stella
Jacky lai as Musa

seelie, shadowhunters bts, and sydney meyer image jace wayland, dominic sherwood, and dom sherwood image helen blackthorn, aline penhallow, and shadowhunters image helen blackthorn, aline penhallow, and shadowhunters image

Alisha Wainwright as Layla/Aisha

maia roberts and shadowhunters image gif, alisha wainwright, and pretty image beach, beautiful, and girl image pretty, maia roberts, and beauty image

Chai Romruen as Nabu

s4, the 100, and chai romruen image fantasy, god, and gif image actor, the 100, and jordan kyle image chai romruen and chai hansen image

Alberto Rosende as Timmy

art, bae, and gaming image boy, glasses, and cute image glasses, brown, and vintage image season one, season 1, and simon lewis image