This article is for all the girls who feel lonely, they feel disappointed ... for all of you who have realized or believe that he is not the prince in the story.

it's okay to feel that way. it is good to stop and think about the things that cause you controversial feelings.
that's OK.

maybe you rushed. maybe you were the victim of their sweet lies ... or you imagined the fairy tale starting with him. maybe he is the chosen one or maybe not.

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but girls ... don't forget how important you are. don't forget how beautiful and strong you are. look at you and your soul. you are unique. no girl is like you. so start loving yourself and treat yourself thinking you have value. do not forget that you must increase in strength, meekness, wisdom and joy.

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so does your prince ... he must grow up to treat you like the princesses you will become. grow together. it's so beautiful, but it can also be painful. choose to trust each other and let time, life and God shape you.
when you find each other again the fairy tale will be at the beginning and you will be satisfied with the space and the waiting given.

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but if he does not understand this and pushes you towards things that violate your principles and values then let him go. it will hurt, I know. but it means he doesn't love you. love waits and love grows on sunny days and in storms.

your love and heart are rare and precious. do not scatter in the wind the princes who turn out to be wolves.

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