There's always the risk of failing when we try something new and no matter how hard we try, many things in life are out of our control.

However, I believe that we're responsible for our actions and reaction when something negative happens and I hope that this article will help you have a positive mindset and inspire you to keep following your dreams.

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I'm tired of watching people comparing themselves to everybody around them. It doesn't matter what they're doing, what's important is what you are doing.

You won't gain anything by comparing. You'll either get overconfident or stop believing in your abilities. Each person is unique, so, naturally, we approach life differently.

It's impossible to know when you'll be successful, but I'm sure that as long as you do your best and try to reach your goal, you'll succeed.

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Don't forget that wanting to take a break and even losing motivation is something really common and we're all going through these phases. It's okay to take breaks, it's fine to want to rest and it's understandable to lose your motivation.

Don't feel regrets for not doing as much work as before, don't feel sad for not finishing as many things as you wanted. Only one thing matters.

You try and you do the best you can at the moment and that's more than enough, so be proud for your progress!

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I know that you can do it. Keep fighting and don't give up. You'll manage do get successful and reach your goal, no matter how hard it seems.

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