What is it about afternoon picnics? Surrounded by friends and food, they deliver us contentedness.

It's that golden hour warmth that lays on your skin
That state of calm, where you feel peace from within
You can taste sound and feel the view
Whether it be a glittering pond or open field before you
It's breaking bread with the one's you love
Finding respite in the simple act of watching the clouds above
That feeling of spongey grass under your toes
It's the sum of these simple pleasures I suppose.

This playlist will set you up with a whole range of funky yet chill music from different genres to play with friends while having a picnic, painting or just kicking it.

Top Picks:

summer, beach, and vintage image
Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Flo Morrissey, Matthew E. White
water, sea, and ocean image
Hunnybee - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
fun, naked, and new york image
Starry Night - Peggy Gou
picnic image
Overflow - Bootleg Rascal
fun, teenagers, and teen image
Smooth Operator - Sade
summer, water, and style image
Fabrics - Felly