1.- When is your birthday?

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10 of December of 1997

2.- What's your nationality?

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I'm from Chile!

3.- What's your eye color?

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dark brown

4.- What's your natural hair color?

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dark brown or something like that

*5.- What's your favorite color?

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I love pastel colors, like yellow, green, pink and blue!

6.- What's your zodiac sign?

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I'm completely Sagittarius

7.- Do you wear glasses?

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Yes, when I have to study and I look super cool jajaj

8.- Do you have siblings?

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Yes! and I love her

9.- What's your favorite animal?

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I love all animals

10.- What language do you speak?

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Spanish (porque si, chilena), English and now I'm learning Korean

11.- What's your favorite food?

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I like Korean and Chinese food

12.- Where do you want to travel?

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Korea, of course and Tokio

*13.- Where do you want to live?

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14.- Are you single or in a relationship?

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Single and happy

15.-Favorite past time?

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listening music, read, watch series and go out alone or with friends

16.- What are your hobbies?

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sing, dance and make videos for my youtube channel (Loreto Cosas)

17.- What's your favorite TV show?

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The Vampire Diaries and Glee

18.- What do you want to study?

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Actually, I'm currently studying law, It's my last year

19.- What's your favorite holiday?

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20.- Do you want any tattoos?

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This changes all the time, now I don't want to, but maybe someday

21.- Are you a left or right handed?

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I can write and do all my stuff with my two hands

22.- Do you prefer cold or warm weather?

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Cold weather

23.- Who's your favorite artist?

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B T S !

24.- What's your biggest fear?

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I don't think about it, I just live day by day

25.- Favorite movie?

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Harry Potter. Always