if u feel like the whole world is against u and no one will ever love u <3

happiness is a butterfly - lana del rey
pope is a rockstar - SALES
all over again - khai dreams
classic - RICEWINE
bags - Clairo
heather - conan gray
the story - conan gray
1964 - blossom caldarone
fine line - harry styles
from the dining table - harry styles
star shopping - lil peep
listen before i go - billie eilish
medicine - daughter
will he - joji
im so sick of this - guccihighwaters
im sorry im trying - nothing,nowhere
im not enough and im sorry - teqkoi, snow
everybody dies in their nightmares - XXXTENTACION
unsaid - ruel

theres more songs on my spotify which is imogenb25, this playlist is called 'sad songs for pretty girls'