Why don't more people say yes? To things that will really benefit them, not just to a few pints out with pals at the pub. Because they're scared? Because change is complicated? or just because it's easier to stay stuck?

All of the above?
Those were my reason's anyway, change is harder to maintain. Change is scary and difficult.
Getting out of bed at 6am instead of 9am is difficult, but the sunrise is worth it.
Going to bed at 9pm instead of 3am is difficult, but not impossible.
Every day people do the impossible, they struggle through another 24 hours unscathed (or maybe a lil scathed) but regardless, the day is done and another can bloom. After a while a month has passed, then 3, then a year. Ever look at the goals you had set for the year and realised you had probably ticked off three of them? and you still need to progress with them.

Life isn't a to do list, if it was it would be never ending. There are to do's obviously, but that isn't what gives life meaning. Nobody has to do anything, the only regulations a life has is the law, and majority of the time that's in place to protect us so I'm content following them. Life is like a boxset, its a series of events and stories that make a person who they are... if a person always stayed the same, had an exact routine and never flaked from it... that character would probably be killed off or at least never make a protagonist status.

I'm not saying life is always exciting, books aren't silences and happy ever afters , they don't always show the scars people hold so close to their chests... the book is the end result of all of that. It's planning, failure, late nights and adventure. Its trial and error in its most raw form.
But that's where beauty lies, in a bed of unknown, a stream of uncertainty, holding only a satchel of hope to guide you to the end. But an end is never promised, some people are cliff hangers, others get lost on the way and your prince charming most definitely does not exist.

But say yes,
To your brain, to your thoughts.
Those fleeting dreams and childlike ambitions,
Say yes to starting over,
Say yes to the chance of failure,
and most definitely say yes to yourself.

Yes you can do it,
Yes you can fail,
and yes,
yes you are worth it.

Lots of love,

E. Shippam x