some day i swear i will make a post about me all exciting and happy but i feel like those days i just like to give smiles and laugh to people around me and of course reserve all the bad feelings and thoughts to writing articles and let it out when no one sees.

I get that, if someone say to me that i should talk about my feelings like sure, let's do that, it's just really overwelming trying to say all at once. writing allows you to delete and do it again, and even if the final result is awful or don't make sense, for once you let those things out in a weird and messy way.

keeping up, i feel anxious and depressed in a weird way. is not like i feel sad, or maybe i do, i just don't think like i am. the feeling is too much to define what it it so maybe is that why i don't know if is a happy or a sad feeling.

in a way i kinda think it should be sooner, im getting used to not lie on people that much. last year, i literally was asking ALL THE TIME things to people, asking for opinions that don't really made the difference in my original tought, but to listen to someone in the same page as me, made me feel good. weird, because growing up i should know how to NOT lay so much on my friends and family even if they feel "good" when i do that.

anyway, just feeling strange. sleeping schedule is broken (again), uni exams are coming (fact: i don't know if i am even in the record of one of my assignaments so maybe i should do it again, idk, im really hoping everything is okay and i did in fact sign myself up).
however, overall, im taking uni okay and i like the slowly progress i am making so far