That the world is in chaos and that things need to change, everyone already knows right? How many times did you listen "the world need to change" ?. What puzzles me is how people exclude themselves from the problem when it comes to the world or society. If you are a fan of these phrases about change or ..."the people need to be better", let's talk: to start I need to reveal a bomb: you are part of this world called PLANETA TERRA and consequently you are part of this society that you judge so much and that says you need to change.

Have a glass of water, calm down, because I know the news has shocked. But let's get on with it ... What have you been doing to change the world or make it better? What have you been doing to find the best version of you? You are confused?Let's go...

Talking about social problems is very easy, asking for the end to class prejudice, asking for an end to racism, write long texts on facebook saying to be indignant about social issues is really very easy.

But what have you been doing to change that? There is no point in saying that racism is horrible and continue to reproduce racist jokes, you know? The first change for whatever reason, needs to start from the inside, needs to start from you, with small attitudes.

In this context, becoming aware becomes the true awakening. It means opening our eyes from and to make what is found in our unconscious conscious and, thus, being able to take the next step and start the much needed personal revolution.

Auntie was reading articles here where philosophers and sociologists define today's society as a kind of sleeping entity. Because we live so focused on our "I", but an "I" that is fed by toxic things, that is fed by the whole outside world and its 'drugs' through the lines of consumerism and futility. It is fueled by the interests of others who have been exploiting this eternal dissatisfaction, which always makes us want more than we already have.

There is no recipe for such a change that we long for, you know ... I think the first step is to be sincere with yourself, understand your feelings, stop blaming the world and start doing your part, try to start your change, did u understand me?