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1. What's your favorite place in your country?

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The beaches! We have amazing beaches and they are just wonderful. The most famous is Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro.

2. Do you prefer spending your holidays in your country or would you rather travel abroad?

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I already spend all holidays in Brazil. And I only know one country other than mine, so I would definitely like to travel abroad.

3. Does your country have access to the sea?

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Yes!! Brazil is a giant country, and 70% of our coast is towards the Atlantic Ocean.

4. What's your favorite dish specific to your country?

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I just love our cuisine, and she is highly praised around the world. My favorite dishes are: feijoada, pão de queijo, brigadeiro and guarana soda.

5. Favorite song in your native language?

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I'm a big fan of Brazilian singers. The best songs for me are the old ones: Como nossos pais by Elis Regina, Apesar de você by Chico Buarque, Chega de saudade by Tom Jobim and Preciso me encontrar by Cartola.

6. Most hated song in your native language?

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There is a musical style in Brazil called Sertanejo, which is like country music, and I don't like it at all. So any sertanejo music for me is terrible.

7. Three words from your native language you like the most?

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Saudade (this word doesn't have a correct translation into English, but it is as if it were missing), Amor (love) and Família (family).

8. Do you get confused with other nationalities? If so, which one?

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Not by my people, but it usually happens to those who are not from Brazil .. Because usually Brazilians have tan skin and I have very white skin. Already thought I was from France and Argentina.

9. Which of your neighbouring countries would you like to visit most/know best?

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I would like to get to know all of South America, but the countries that I'm most interested in are Colombia and Argentina

11. Favorite native writer/poet?

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Zélia Gattai, Jorge Amado, Paulo Coelho and Machado de Assis are my favorites

12. What do you think about English (or other languages) translations of your native prose/poems?

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I think that's great! I am happy to see Brazilian literature being read by other countries. I find our literature very rich and with great authors, which cannot just stay in our territory. An issue of The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas, by Machado de Assis, was recently published in the USA and sold out in one day. This is amazing!

13. Does your country have any specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to others outsiders?

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We have several, but the traditions I like the most are the new year. On the last day of the year we have to eat pomegranate and keep the seeds in our wallet, they say that this attracts money. Another new year's tradition is to jump seven waves on the beach, and each wave you jump makes a wish.

14. Do you enjoy your country's cinema or tv?

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YES! Very much! My favorites are Cidade de Deus (City of God), Bacurau, Carandiru and O Auto da Compadecida (A Dog's Will).

15. A saying, joke or meme that only people of your country will understand.

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