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name: Genevieve Benson
nickname: Gen, Vivi
birthday/zodiac sign: 6th November; Scorpio
status: kook


cindy mello, fashion, and girl image cindy mello, fashion, and girl image cindy mello image fashion image
dark brown hair, choclate coloured eyes, tan skin



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flowy dresses and skirts, neutral colours, soft fabrics


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midsomar party

flowers, red dress, and spaghetti straps image amazing, girls, and shoes image


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loyal - smart - unbiased - people pleaser - lost


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Gen grew up as a kook. Her two Dads (Jean and James) adopted her right after she was born. They had already had her two brothers back then. Both her Dads have very well paid jobs as a banker and a real estate tycoon. Her brothers are also very succesful as a model and an athlete. She grew up with always getting everything she wanted but her parents always had very high expectations regarding her future.
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Cameron "Cam" Benson - 19 - definite kook - model
boy, model, and shoe image Ann Demeulemeester, fw 18, and adam katz sinding image
Ken "Kenny" Benson - 20 - kook - olympic runner


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Her Dads always wanted her to have very "upper class" hobbies so she learned to play the piano from a very young aged and went to ballett classes as soon as she was old enough. Although she loves both of those things her secret passion is surfing. Just like every other kid on the outer banks she goes to the beach as often as she can.


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Sarah and Gen have been best friends since literally forever. Although they both always felt lost in the midst of the kooks Gen was never brave enough to actually rebell against her predestined life - just like Sarah hadn't been until she fell for John B.


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When Sarah tells her best friend about her day with John B, Gen is very sceptical at first. She knows that Sarah and her have everything they want and need being Kooks, still there has been a nagging voice inside her head ever since the fight at the beach telling her that Pogue life is so much more fun. Again, she brushes that notion aside until the Midsummer party rolls around. Just like Sarah the moment the Pogues run away laughing, being totally content with their lives, both of them know that they are missing something. They want to become part of this deep and unconditional friendship. First the Pogues aren't too happy to welcome Gen and Sarah in their midst but it turns out that both of them fit in great with the others. At first Gen doesn't believe in finding a treasure or the ship but the more she gets invested with the Pogues the more she gets invested in the search.
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Her and JJ seem to playfight all the time. And although Gen definetely is not looking for love its already too late when she realizes she has fallen for him. They share one hot kiss while being drunk but then never talk about it ever again. For her Season 1 ends in the tent with all the others being questioned by the police, completely confused about her feelings for JJ and endlessly scared for her best friend Sarah and John B.