Since I am an architecture/design/engineering student and I love to decorate and redecorate my house, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start a series with ideas on how to could make your room or home better. I always had this love with decorating and organizing my bedroom and I like to discuss my ideas on inspiration with you. My own style is a bit of a mixture between Scandinavian and Minimal I guess. It has a good deal of white furniture combined with some light wood. I would love to get some more plants which is something very common in the style I am going to discuss with you, and that is Bohemian!

For those who don’t know what Bohemian is, I’ll explain it. People who call themselves, Bohemian are usually people who are very faithful to nature, want to truly understand the world and enjoy everything of it as much as they can. They are most of the very artistic and creative and have a job like a painter, writer or even actor. The fashion style of Bohemian is most of the time very colourful with much jewellery, and they even like to walk bare feet. As might be expected this isn’t true for every Bohemian. Their homes are usually also colourful with many rugs, pillows and plants. The brown colour can be seen frequently in a home of a Bohemian combined with bright colours like magenta, turquoise, dark shades of green and yellow ochre and even shades of gold and silver.


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Bohemians have many different patterns combined in their house. These can be seen on everything like rugs and pillows. By including patterns in your home, you can easily get more colour in your home and can be very cheap. Find some second-hand rugs or pillows at a thrift shop for maybe only a few euros. Note: Before using pillows and/or rugs from a thrift shop please wash them first.


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Because Bohemians are most of the time very close to nature they like to purchase their furniture from second-hand stores to give it a second life (which is also better for the environment). Go to your closest thrift shop and see if you can find something nice for your house. To give it a bohemian look go for brown coloured furniture.

Combine colours

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Bohemians tend to use many colourful colours in their home which makes it look more exotic. Not all homes are like this. I’ve seen many homes of bohemians which don’t have many colours and are usually very brown with one colourful rug and a few pillows. Colours often used in Bohemian homes are turquoise, magenta, yellow ochre and dark shades of green. Try adding stuff in these colours that you likely wouldn’t buy any other time to offer your room this exotic touch.


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Green, greener and even more greener. Bohemians like to place many plants in their homes in all sizes. Try being bold for a time and go for a very big plant that easily catches your visitors eye or go for a small plant to include that bit of nature into your home.

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