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I, right now, have zero pictures on my Instagram. It's not that I don't want to post, it's just that I don't want a haphazard profile. I want my posts to be themed and, thus I started my research on ideas and ways to have Instagram themes. And, I just had to share these here, incase they would be of any help to you;

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Line In The Middle

I obviously won't be able to show exactly how it is since, we heart it doesn't allow three pictures in a row, but in a simple explanation; photos on both sides with a line in the middle, usually of quotes in the same colour.

ice cream, food, and aesthetic image quotes, motivation, and life image pink image Image by THE ORIGINAL blue, pink, and fashion image quotes, text, and black image
There will be pictures, on the right side of the quotes as well. But, you get the general idea.
Colour Coordinated

Choose one, two or three colours, that will always be in your feed. Like I have taken white and beige here;

Temporarily removed girl, mirror, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed beach, sand, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and beige image Image removed
Flatlay Theme

Flatlays are essentially arranging items on a flat table and taking photos from above,

cozy, decoration, and white image cozy, decoration, and white image cozy, decoration, and white image cozy, decoration, and white image cozy, decoration, and white image cozy, decoration, and white image
Photo In The Middle

Here, line in the middle involves the photos, while the sides involve a background or a solid colour,

solid color brown latte image Image removed solid color brown latte image celebrities, chic, and elegance image solid color brown latte image celebrities, chic, and elegance image
The same colour on the other side.
Single Filter theme

This one's probably the easiest to do. All you have to do is to edit your photos into the same filter, before posting them. Then, that filter becomes your signature. Like this peach theme,

asian, theme, and themes image Image removed asian, theme, and themes image yellow, art, and aesthetic image aesthetic, nails, and water image peyton, theme, and peyton list image
Outlined Theme

This involves drawing on pictures. It's an artistic theme and when done well, comes out extremely nice;

autumn, fall, and leaves image aesthetic, myself, and picsart image adidas, baby, and outline image budapest, doodle, and building image aesthetic, model, and art image aesthetic, clouds, and film image
White Background

This theme is really simple, just take pictures surrounded by white.

black, blogs, and brand image dog, aesthetic, and beige image aesthetic, minimalism, and beautiful image aesthetic, bambi, and beige image coffee, aesthetic, and brown image beauty, minimal fashion, and black image
Row Theme

Going with the similar concept as line in the middle theme, this one goes having a row of similar pictures. This is better explained by an example;

aesthetic, kpop, and places image coconut, food, and fruit image woman, quotes, and words image quotes, aesthetic, and beige image sea image aesthetic, heart, and tan image
Colour Block Theme

This one, is easy and difficult at the same time. Although, it involves taking colourful pictures with any actual coordination, posting those pictures and making your feed look good might take some efforts.

aesthetic, alternative, and colour image art, artist, and ra image art, edit, and time image aesthetic, blue, and color image aesthetic, clothes, and outfit image art, beige, and block image
I tried.
Tiles Theme

This one involves alternating between photos and quotes.

fashion, heels, and shoes image quotes, words, and inspiration image quotes, motivation, and thoughts image art, girl, and painting image fashion, girl, and sleeping image quotes and 2020 image
Rainbow Theme

This is possibly one of the hardest ones to do. But if pulled off can look extremely amazing. You simply have to post in a way, that it gradients and forms a rainbow feed.

aesthetic, sunset, and beautiful image water, purple, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Image by amina_3asal blue, flower, and fresh image blue, aesthetic, and Cookies image Temporarily removed green, cake, and aesthetic image
Black & White

Like the single filter theme, click any picture you want and then edit it into a B&W

girl, black and white, and sky image phoebe tonkin, black and white, and model image Image removed Temporarily removed Image by Maria black and white, tumblr inspo, and outfit goal image

Taking one thing you're passionate about and turning it into a theme.

makeup image makeup, beauty, and stars image makeup, beauty, and blue image makeup, eyeliner, and eyeshadow image makeup, pink, and beauty image makeup, glitter, and beauty image

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