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Summer is the perfect season for letting your skin to breathe and regenerate. It's time to let go of hard foundations, powders and everything that clog your pores up.

Here are some tips I recommend

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♡ Make sure you get enough sleep every night. it would be great if you can determine yourself the same schedule every night.
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♡ Drink water! Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. If that's hard for you, you can download some apps to remind you to drink. ♡ Eat well. Eat your vegetables and fruit! During summer there is a lot of seasonal healthy food which is good for your skin.
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♡ Smile! Take care of your dental hygiene, you can also use whitening strips if you want. I personally think people are so much more beautiful when they are smiling.
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♡ Take your make up off every single night. Make sure you've done it properly and took it all off.
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♡ Wash, tone, moisturize daily! These are three very important steps. Try at least every night to wash your face with cold water and foam or gel. Tone your skin do remove excess oil and tighten your pores and then use moisturising cream.
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♡ Exfoliate once a week for a healthy glowy skin. You can also use face mask after exfoliating. Find the products which suits your skin, don't be pliable by commercials. Use natural products without any additional chemicals.
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♡ SPF - such an important product during the whole year and especially at summer when you're spending more time out on a sunlight. It protects your skin from sun stains and early skin aging.
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♡ Avoid touching your face. Don't pop up pimples. Leave them alone or use specified cream to dry it.
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♡ Eyebrows - Make sure your eyebrows have a good shape that suits your face. Don't over pluck them. You can go to beauty salon to do the shape and later on just take care of them by yourself.
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♡ Eyelashes - If you have light colored lashes you can go to beauty salon to tint them, or do the lash lift. It doesn't damage your lashes, it's also not that expensive and lasts for a while. I recommend it more than a lash extensions, since extensions can look unnatural and can damage yours if not taken care properly. Or you can just use lash curler and clear gel, and you're ready to go! Extra tip is to use castor oil during the night on your lashes and eyebrows so it will grow thicker.
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♡Lips - Exfoliate your lips twice a week to remove dry cells, and use lip balm regularly to make them look soft and hydrated.

That is all for now, and remember
everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and if you have acne or blemishes, don't be shy about it, it will pass, just let your skin breathe.
Embrace your freckles if you have them.
Beauty comes from within. Aspire to be positive vibrating person, be yourself and it will radiate around you. ♡

FireproofSoul x

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