Now I know for a fact that I have been feeling down. Not only just in general but also mentally and physically, its not fun. But I do find ways to make myself feel better, even if its small or if anyone else knew they would laugh. So today or night (Whenever your reading this) I'm going to tell you some things I love to do.

First and foremost, writing is a way to go. Whether it be you writing in a diary, journal, app, notebook, ANYTHING! Its amazing, it helps clear some stuff on your chest. But what I do, is I write a book (Mostly about a fandom) but I find putting my emotions into my writing; one. makes it better, and two it releases stress and makes me happy to put my mind in another world.

2. Reading.
This is number two because yes, I'm a book worm. I Love reading! but not a lot of people do so if you love reading like me, find a book and put your thoughts elsewhere and away from those negative thoughts. Now I love a good published book like the next person but FANFIC is a whole other thing and I LOVE it. So if you have a certain fandom your in, go to wattpad or the internet and search some up. Trust me its worth it.

3. Music.
The one thing that you can relate too the most but also the one thing that can make you hurt the most. Yes, music brings back memories bad and good but it also helps calm the mind. I sounded cheesy right there but I promise just put on a good jam and dance in your room or wherever!. Also you could lay down and just simply listen, that is good as well.

4. Draw.
Honestly I have no artistic skills. I know how to draw a flower and I know how to doodle. But that's really all you need to know, Just draw. create a box and shade it in, go over your current situation and calm down. smile and think positive. It works.

5.Netflix and Hot Chocolate.
Last but not least, just settle down. If you have cried let your mind ease, if your voice or throat is raw from yelling, crying, and more just let go. Grab a blanket, curl in a ball, make hot chocolate if you wish and watch your favorite show//movie. Don't let what's eating at you, or whoever is getting at you change you. You be you and come out at the end strong.

These are the Five things I do, now there is plenty more and I might do a second part so let me know!. Just whatever you do, don't let anybody tell you different or get your hopes up; and sure as hell don't let those negative thoughts of yours control you or fill your head.