Hey guys! You know I love to take Tiktok trends and bring them here. So let's do this...

beach, fashion, and girl image adventure, pink, and quotes image Temporarily removed beauty, fashion, and girl image fruit, netflix, and strawberry image Temporarily removed
This is me. Outside I am adventurous and funny. Witty and fun. But deep on the inside I am soft, quiet, and a bit of a dreamer. I enjoy snacking, netflix and stuffed animals.
girl, smile, and photography image aesthetic, grunge, and fashion image beauty and hair goals image Image by Mary Nacca 🐼 quotes, words, and inspiration image hair, aesthetic, and tumblr image
Super fun to be around. Loves to make everyone around her happy. Even when she is hurting deep down, she puts others before herself because that's the kind of girl she is. Aly is great at singing and acting. It's what she loves.
Image removed brandy, aesthetic, and melville image girl, summer, and beach image beach, rainbow, and vsco image light and stars image Image by CamilleHenry
A little bit wild and annoying. Loves being the center of attention. Story teller and wild dreamer. sometimes rude. loves the beach, sweet tea lemonades, fairy lights and good news.
home, bedroom, and interior image panda, we bare bears, and cartoon image pale, sky, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and soft image night, party, and fiesta image Image by ☁︎ Hannah
hyper and always happy. loves to be loud, but also gets social anxiety. almost everyone loves her and her brown eyes and brown hair. And she is expected to reach her wildest goals and dreams! so don't distract her. Loves sleepovers, skin care, lattes, sunsets, cartoons and her cute bedroom.