So one rule in this is just not to repeat the biases, so when it came to age I already used the idol so I had to choose another bias close to my age..Just to let you know :) I hope you enjoy
1) Oldest Bias
super junior, kim hee-chul, and เน‰heechul image super junior, kim hee-chul, and เน‰heechul image
Heechul - Super Junior (83' liner)
2) Youngest Bias
Image by p0rro Image by p0rro
Win - MCND (04' liner)
3) First Bias
bts, jimin, and jin image bts, low quality, and park jimin image
Jimin - BTS
4) Favourite Leader Bias
k-pop and ateez image hongjoong, ateez, and idol image
Hongjoong - Ateez
5) Favourite Vocalist Bias
johnny, jungwoo, and taeyong image nct, nct 127, and doyoung image
Doyoung - NCT
6) Favourite Maknae Bias
boys, Dream, and icons image boys, Dream, and icons image
Jisung - NCT
7) Favourite Rapper Bias
exo, sehun, and sehun chanyeol image oh sehun, exo-sc, and 1 billion views image
Sehun - EXO
8) Favourite Dancer Bias
boys, kpop, and lucas image wayv, yangyang, and kpop image
Yangyang - NCT/WayV
9) Soloists
Inspiring Image on We Heart It kpop, jeon somi, and ioi image
Sunmi & Jeon Somi
10) A Bias Close To My Age
face_it, verivery, and ๋ฒ ๋ฆฌ๋ฒ ๋ฆฌ image kangmin and verivery image
Kangmin - Verivery (03'liner)
11) A Japanese Idol Bias
nct and yuta image fansign, healing smile, and yuta image
Yuta - NCT
12) Other BG Biases
dazed, minhyuk, and dazed korea image boys, Dream, and icons image lucas, superm, and wayv image crown, moa, and taehyun image seungcheol and s. coups image exo, kpop, and sehun image reload, jeno, and nctdream image aesthetic, korean, and Seventeen image txt and taehyun image kevin, moon hyungseo, and the boyz image
13) Other GG Biases
k-pop, outfit, and how you like that image somin and kard image kpop, lq, and wheein image 3M, jung wheein, and kpop image momo, twice, and hirai momo image itzy, yeji, and kpop image
14) Trainee Biases (lmao I had to add this)
JAKe and iland image youngbin and i-land image iland and heeseung image bighit, seon, and weverse image
Jake, Youngbin, Heeseung, Seon (all from I-LAND)
15) Ultimate Bias
taeyong, lee taeyong, and nct image concert, taeyong, and cute image glasses, pink, and taeyong image taeyong, lee taeyong, and nct image
Taeyong - NCT (this shouldn't be a surprise for those who already follow me lmao)

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