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birthday party
  • on november 26th, EXO chanyeol's birthday fan party was held. for his birthday party, more than 700 EXOLs joined to celebrate the special day. there, chanyeol surprised his fans with so much love with presents he prepared for them. EXOLs couldn't believe that chanyeol put so much love and care for every present for each fan. first, it was a bead bracelet that Chanyeol personally made.
exo, kpop, and chanyeol image exo, kpop, and chanyeol image
image Source: Instagram '@real__pcy'
  • chanyeol explained, "once, our stylist gave all EXO's members a bead bracelet as a gift. It was so lovely so I wanted to make one for EXOLs. however, I only made 100. I am sorry but it took three months to make 100 and I couldn't make one for everyone here." he also said that some may be a little worn out because it was ages ago it was made. He gave cute warnings that there might be mistakes with the bracelets, like misspelling his name "YC" instead of "CY."
exo, kpop, and chanyeol image exo, kpop, and chanyeol image
image twitter: '@jamong1127' and '@godchan92'
fan meeting with exo
  • at an exo fan meeting, chanyeol noticed a fan who had been crying for an hour, so, during the group photo, he sat next to her to calm her.
Chen, exo, and kyungsoo image
cuddles at live concert
  • there are many moments in which chanyeol let himself go to the hands of the fans for the sweetest caresses on the hair, but I will leave one of my favorite moments that goes back to the Monster era.
exo, kpop, and chanyeol image
yeols big hand
  • there is a video on youtube where chanyeol spends time shaking hands and giving comfort to every fan in front of him during a fan meeting. his smile is unique. cute big hand♡
exo, kpop, and chanyeol image

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