intj; architect

▪️ imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan of everything

fancy, sparkly, and namjoo image itzy, kpop, and ryujin image Image by Any Inspiring Image on We Heart It dawon, sf9, and kpop image ace, aesthetic, and boys image
apink naeun - itzy ryunjin - everglow e.u - 2ne1 minzy - sf9 dawon - ace byeongkwan

intp; logician

▪️ innovative inventors with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge

dreamcatcher, kpop, and bomi image mamamoo, wheein, and kpop image mia and everglow image soyeon, gidle, and idle image details, kpop, and cybergoth image exo, sehun, and kpop image gif, ilhoon, and eunkwang image jae park, day6, and jaehyung image tag, golden child, and son youngtaek image bts, jin, and suga image
apink eunji - mamamoo wheein - exo sehun - btob hyunsik - gidle soyeon - loona gowon - bts jin & suga - day6 jae - golden child tag - everglow mia

entj; commander

▪️ bold, imaginative and strong-willed leaders, always finding a way - or making one

girls generation, Sunny, and hyoyeon image aesthetic, girl, and green image the boyz, haknyeon, and juhaknyeon image key, SHINee, and Jonghyun image ace, jun, and kpop image zico and block b image everglow and aisha image everglow, aisha, and kpop image
snsd tiffany - loona heejin - the boyz haknyeon - shinee key - super junior leeteuk - ace jun - block b zico - everglow aisha

entp; debater

▪️ smart and curious thinkers who cannot resist an intellectual challenge

gif, jessi, and 제시 image chuu and loona image gg, kpop, and preview image kpop, everglow, and sihyeon image mingi, ateez, and kpop image stray kids, hyunjin, and hwang hyunjin image changmin, eric, and kpop image isac, sunwoo, and the boyz image minhyuk, hyunsik, and sungjae image minhyuk, hyunsik, and sungjae image
jessi - loona chuu - ateez mingi - stray kids hyunjin - block b kyung - astro sanha - day6 young.k - the boyz juyeon & sunwoo - btob sungjae - hinapia minkyeung - everglow sihyeon


infj; advocate

▪️ quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealists

kang kyungwon, pristin, and yuha image taeyeon, snsd, and kpop image kpop, low quality, and ace of angels image solar, mamamoo, and kpop image 90s, elkie, and yeeun image yves, lq, and loona image Seventeen, jihoon, and wonwoo image Seventeen and minghao image exo, kai, and gif image winner, got7, and JB image mark lee and nct image taeyang, bigbang, and kpop image Leo, vixx, and taekwoon image wow image 2PM, HOTTEST, and korean image ren, nu'est, and nuest image
hinapia kyungwon - snsd taeyeon - got7 jb - exo kai - mamamoo solar - kard jiwoo - vixx leo - ace wow - bigbang taeyang - loona yves - clc yeeun - svt wonwoo, woozi & the8 - 2pm nichkhun - winner yoon - nct mark - nuest ren - aoa hyejeong

infp; mediator

▪️ poetic, kind, and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause

twice, momo, and chaeyoung image girl group, kpop, and preview image bad boy, joy, and red velvet image kpop and iu image girl, idol, and kpop image kpop, bias, and maknae image gay, lesbian, and bona image asian girl, exy, and girl group image kpop, preview, and wooyoung image Seventeen, hoshi, and soonyoung image jun, Seventeen, and junhui image bobby, Ikon, and jiwon image day6 and wonpil image got7 and kpop image jacob, lq, and tbz image taeyang, yoo taeyang, and sf9 image SHINee and Taemin image exo, jin, and txt image
twice momo & chaeyoung - apink hayoung - hinapia eunwoo & bada - got7 yugyeom - rv joy & yeri - sf9 taeyang - the boyz jacob & new - shinee taemin - bts junkook - day6 wonpil - wjsn seola, bona & dawon - ikon b.i & bobby - astro moonbin - iu - sunmi - svt s.coups, jun, hoshi, dk - nct jsung - ateez hongjoong & san

enfj; protagonist

▪️ charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to mesmerize

got7, jackson, and kpop image bang, cute, and Chan image lia, yuna, and itzy image everglow, yiren, and kpop image exo, suho, and chanyeol image snsd and kwon yuri image peniel and btob image inseong, 8th mini album, and sf9 image twice, chaeyoung lq, and gidle meme image eric, kpop, and soft image Seventeen, mingyu, and joshua image Chan, dino, and kpop image bts, park jimin, and jimin image cosmic girls, wjsn, and eunseo image
goy7 jackson - stray kids chan - itzy lia & yuna - everglow yiren - exo suho & chanyeol - btob peniel - snsd yuri - sf9 inseong - gidle minnie & yuqi - the boys hyunjae & eric - bts jimin - day6 sungjin - wjsn eunseo - vixx ken - txt beomgyu - ikon song - clc elkie - 2pm jun.k - svt joshua, mingyu & dino - pentagon hongseok - ateez yunho - gfriend yerin - cix bx & yonghee

enfp; campaigner

▪️ enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits, who can always find a reason to smole

kpop, Seventeen, and vernon image aesthetic, edit, and kpop image txt, yeonjun, and hueningkai image yeojin, loona, and choerry image Ikon, junhoe, and june image Ikon, donghyuk, and bobby image hwabyul image idle, (g)i-dle, and miyeon image girls, kpop, and momo image stray kids image boys, kpop, and golden child image exy, kpop, and bona image ace, Chan, and kpop image clc, eunbin, and kpop image boys, astro, and icon image nuest and baekho image winner, mino, and korean image 2PM, hwang chansung, and chansung image asian, idol, and korea image johnny, jaehyun, and nct dream image pentagon, shinwon, and wooseok image icon image cix and seunghun image donghae, edit, and eunhyuk image
svt vernon & seungkwan - bts v & rm - txt heuning kai & yeonjun - ikon june & dk - twice sana - stray kids changbin & felix - mamamoo hwasa & moonbyul - gidle miyeon - golden child jangjun & joochan - wjsn soobin - ace chan - clc eunbin - astro jinjin - loona choerry & yeojin - 2pm chansung - winner mino - somi - ne'est baekho - nct haechan - pentagon shinwon & wooseok - super junior eunhyuk - cix seunghun & hyunsuk


istj; logistician

▪️ practical and fact-minded individuals, whose reliability cannot be doubted

minhyuk, hyunsik, and btob lq image girls generation, Sunny, and hyoyeon image girls, k-pop, and korean image mark tuan, got7, and mark image
btob changsub - snsd sunny & hyo - got7 mark - aoa chanmi

isfj; defender

▪️ very dedicated and warm protectors, always ready to defend their loved ones

90s, aesthetic, and edit image girls, kpop, and twice image jackson, JB, and kpop image kpop, Seventeen, and jeonghan image itzy and yeji image luda, lee luda, and 루다 image kpop, kpop icons, and onda image bobby, hanbin, and junhoe image f(x), amber, and kpop image jinsoul, loona, and kpop image icons, kpop, and bts image kpop, ship, and cute image Jonghyun, aron, and baekho image preview, yeosang, and ateez image
twice dahyun & jeongyeon - itzy yeji - got7 jinyoung & youngjae - everglow onda - wjsn luda - ikon chanwoo - fx amber - loona jinsoul - nu'est jr - svt jeonghan - nct doyoung & jaemin - ateez yeosang - gfriend sinb

estj; executive

▪️ excellent administrators, unsurpassed at managing things - or people

bambam, got7, and JB image ace, donghun, and kpop image loona, kim lip, and kpop image loona, kim lip, and kpop image
loona kim lip - got7 bambam - ace donghun

esfj; consul

▪️ extraordinarily caring, social and popular people, always eager to help

chorong, namjoo, and a pink image icon, skz, and stray kids image aesthetic, Hot, and kpop image icon, lia, and itzy image bts, jhope, and hoseok image asian, asian boys, and kard image 90s, cheng xiao, and seola image blue, kpop, and lips image hyunjin and loona image dazed, minhyun, and nu'est image kyuhyun, ryeowook, and suju image foot, paris, and block b image seonghwa, ateez, and kpop image ateez, kpop, and jongho image
apink chorong & namjoo - stray kids lee know, seungmin & i.n - itzy chaeryeong - bts jhope - wjsn yeoreum & dayoung - kard bm - super junior kyuhyun & ryeowook - block b p.o - nu'est minhyun - ateez seonghwa, wooyoung & jongho - loona hyunjin


istp; virtuoso

▪️ bold and practical experimenters, masters of all kinds of tools

photoshoot, umji, and yerín image nayeon, aesthetic, and icon image loona, olivia hye, and yyxy image han, soft, and bf image
twice nayeon - stray kids han - loona olivia hye - gfriend eunha

isfp; adventurer

▪️ flexible and charming artists, always ready to explore and experience something new

j.seph, kard, and kpop image txt, soobin, and kpop image gidle image blue, friendship, and kpop image aesthetic, mina, and mihyo image bomi and apink‬ image elkie, yeeun, and clc image minhyuk, hyunsik, and btob lq image minhyuk, hyunsik, and btob lq image SFW, seoul fashion week, and day6 image jaeyoon, hwiyoung, and zuho image Ikon, kim jinhwan, and namja image aron, nuest, and aron kwak image lee jeno, nct, and jeno image
exo baekhyun - txt soobin - twice jihyo, mina & tzuyu - apink bomi - btob minhyuk & eunkwang - sf9 youngbin - gidle soojin - day6 dowoon - kard j.seph - ikon jay - clc seunghee - nu'est aron - nct jeno - aoa seolhyun

estp; entrepreneur

▪️ smart, energetic and very perceptive people, who truly enjoy living on the edge

txt, taehyun, and icon image jaehyun, nct, and nct 127 image cube, icons, and pentagon image cube, icons, and pentagon image kpop, rena, and pristin image girls, icon, and kpop image
nct jaehyun - txt taehyun - hinapia yaebin - wjsn yeonjung - btob ilhoon

esfp; entertainer

▪️ spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic people - life is never boring around them

snsd, sooyoung, and girls generation image exy, kpop, and cosmic girls image kpop, somin, and kard image Q, the boyz, and sangyeon image Q, the boyz, and eric image kpop, selca, and sangyeon image kpop, gcnd, and lq image 2PM, 장우영, and wooyoung image
snsd sooyoung - golden child jaehyun - the boyz sangyeon & q - wjsn exy - kard somin - 2pm wooyoung - cix jinyoung

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