I've decide to pick up an aesthetic every week and post pictures on that aesthetic. And for every aesthetic I choose, I'll use all the pictures I've posted and make an aesthetic board out of it. This week I did a rose gold aesthetic, so here's an aesthetic board.

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h a l c y o n
h a l c y o n

here's, my weekly aesthetic

aesthetic, glitter, and rose gold image fashion, dress, and pink image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and rose gold image rose gold, rihanna, and gold image food, donuts, and yummy image fashion, girls, and satin image wallpaper, sky, and background image dress, fashion, and white image makeup, beauty, and eyes image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girls, and rose gold image fashion, rose gold, and heels image dress, fashion, and style image sleeping, fashion, and girl image fashion, gucci, and bag image lips, makeup, and lipstick image love, quotes, and pink image quotes, love, and vincent van gogh image makeup, beauty, and highlighter image art, girl, and painting image heels, shoes, and fashion image quotes, pink, and rose gold image quotes, pink, and tumblr image beautiful, fashion, and girl image rings, accessories, and pink image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image lips, lipstick, and makeup image shoes, fashion, and heels image nails, beauty, and pink image

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