Inspired by

1. Skipped class?

80s and 90s image The Breakfast Club, quotes, and bad image
I have

2. Done drugs?

lsd, drugs, and grunge image dark, drugs, and money image
I have

3. Self harmed?

quotes, pink, and empowerment image aesthetic, fire, and rose image
I haven't

4. Drank alcohol?

friends, alcohol, and boy image aesthetic, alternative, and girls image
I have

5. Shop lifted?

girl, grunge, and tumblr image boy image
I haven't

6. Gotten a tattoo?

Image by Private User tattoo and dog image
I haven't

7. Broken up with someone?

fashion, sneakers, and sweater image gif, icons, and kpop image
I have

What's your favorite:

8. Show?

supernatural and aesthetic image dean winchester, supernatural, and Jensen Ackles image snow and umbrella image dean, sad, and Sam image

9. Movie

quotes, robin williams, and movie image couple, good will hunting, and matt damon image
Good Will Hunting

10. Song?

aesthetic, icons, and singer image quotes, generation, and true image
Yungblud - Parents

11. Memory?

blurry, emotional, and helpless image friends, friendship, and girl image
I don't know. My favorite memories are those when I've felt really happy.

12. Book?

book and read image hug, it, and movie image
IT by Stephen King
book, oscar wilde, and vintage image dorian gray, ben barnes, and movie image
The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

This or that:

13. Invisibility or ability to fly?

aesthetic, blue, and invisible image invisible, grunge, and black and white image

14. Cookies or cake?

food, aesthetic, and chocolate cake image food, cake, and aesthetic image

15. Twitter or Facebook?

drawing, facebook, and hi image aesthetic, art, and blue image

16. Movies or books?

aesthetic, vintage, and retro image aesthetic, hp, and book image

17. Coke or sprite?

coca cola, vintage, and coca-cola image coca cola, vintage, and drink image

18. Tea of coffee?

Image removed book, coffee, and aesthetic image

What's your:

19. Age?

drink, girl, and tumblrgirl image paris, city, and sky image

20. Sign?

message, text, and text message image wallpaper, Lyrics, and galaxy image

21. Height?

book, girl, and reading image pizza image

22. Sexual orientation?

girl, grunge, and sad image quotes image

23. Religion?

Image by Sailor_moon aesthetic, dark, and PM image
I'm not religious.

24. Longest relationship?

happy, honey, and tumblr image flowers, yellow, and wallpaper image
It's only one and it lasted a few months, not sure.

Do you:

25. Believe in ghosts?

ghost, Halloween, and scary image Image by kindalostgal

26. Shower facing the shower head or back towards the shower head?

beauty, girl, and hair image skin, aesthetic, and body image
back towards the shower head

27. Sleep with the door open or closed?

aesthetic image Image by SoulStratum

28. Love someone?

aesthetic, art, and gold image gold, vintage, and love image
I love a lot of people...

29. Still watch cartoons?

ariel, princesse, and disney image aesthetic and icon image

30. Have a boyfriend?

wine image kendall jenner, model, and aesthetic image
no, I don't

31. Like yourself?

quotes, pink, and opinion image quote and words image
Well, yes, I do, but I'm still learning.