and these are the lessons that i've learnt so far
a new decade means it is the end of another chapter
and looking back, i've come a long way from where i started
i hope these lessons help you guys out too :)

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lesson #1: your parents push you because they want to see you succeed

lesson #2: you stand out, so be proud of that

lesson #3: sometimes things happen that you aren't prepared for, but that's okay, you can always control the way you react

lesson #4: just because they are different, doesn't mean you should treat them differently

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lesson #5: when you really want something, you will end up getting it

lesson #6: some people come into your life and completely change it for the better, never let go of them

lesson #7: it is okay to step back from a situation and to reach out to others if you are struggling

lesson #8: try not to lose focus of what really matters in the end

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lesson #9: people never ask permission before they leave, but the right friends always stay

lesson #10: you are still doing better than you were yesterday, even if it is only a little better

lesson #11: it is so important to prioritise your own happiness

lesson #12: family should always come first