I work in a flower shop and I was thinking about this today. What if flowers were people? What aesthetics would they have?
Here is my interpretation of types flowers as aesthetics!


rose, pink, and flowers image
pink, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic, angel, and beauty image clouds, ocean, and pink image neon, pink, and quotes image makeup, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beauty, and chanel image
soft girl, femme, confident


beautiful, bush, and flower image
clouds, rainbow, and rain image aesthetic, nature, and black girl image black girl, vintage, and cottagecore image beauty, girl, and girl power image aesthetic, ethereal, and photography image photography and melanin image
nature lover, mom friend, naturally beautiful


flores, flowers, and orchids image
theme, ulzzang, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, beige, and black image shoes, fashion, and style image aesthetic and romantic image abs, body, and fashion image
ABG, soft baddie, luxurious


flowers, bouquet, and aesthetic image
book, study, and school image fashion, style, and outfit image coffee, milk, and drink image aesthetic, home, and bedroom image fashion, girl, and style image bedroom, home, and decor image
studious, cozy, organized

Calla Lily

flower, calla lily, and lily image
music, jazz, and blues image music and coffee image guitar, music, and girl image music, love, and song image aesthetic, grunge, and indie image book, aesthetic, and theme image
indie, musician, beautiful rebel

Thanks for reading!
I might do a part 2 if ppl like it!