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1. Are you happy right now?

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I think I'm happy, but I realize I'm not completely satisfied. I mean... I want adventures, summer night conversations, new people in my life, traveling and more adrenaline.

2. Are you sure you made the right decision about your studies?

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I study law and just finished my second year. I'm not sorry I chose to study this and I'd do it again, but probably because there's nothing else that is interesting to me. At the beggining I didn't want to hear about studying law, two years later now I haven't failed a single exam, but I don't feel like this is what I want to do in life. Sometimes it is interesting, yes, but I'm not sure if I'll ever work as lawyer or smth similar.

3. Describe yourself right now with two words.

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tired and curious

4. Do you believe in forgetting and forgiving?

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I used to say "I'll never forgive them" about people who hurt me, but I realize it's all about me. If I don't forgive, I hold onto a grudge and this is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. But when I forgive, I don't go back to them like nothing happened. Forgetting? I can't forget a single thing. It's just my brain, my memory. Doesn't matter if I want or not, I simply can't erase it from my memory.

5. What can you do to improve your quality of life?

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I actually know what I can do, but sometimes I don't know why I don't do it. I can work out more, I can educate myself more, I can go out there and meet new people, I can do some things from my bucket list.

6. Do I always need to get drunk to feel like I'm having fun?

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Sometimes it sucks that I feel more alive and wild when I'm drunk. The worst part is I don't really have friends to get drunk with that often. And I'm always wondering why can't I feel like I'm drunk without actually being drunk. Or maybe I can have that much fun, but I'm not with the right people?

7. Why don't I have this big group of loyal and real friends?

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I've always dreamt of this. I thought I had it, but the minute we graduated high school, we stopped seeing each other more than once or twice a year. I know the group of loyal friend is not just "a movie made thing", it's real and I want it.