Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful week 😊 Today's article is going to be a CHALLENGE (yeahhhh!). I haven't written a challenge for a very long time soo... Let's get started

Self-care challenge

What is self-care? Self-care is not only doing your nails and put on a mask on your hair (that's a PART of self-care), but self-care means taking care of you in every way, make sure that you feel well physically and mentally, by sleeping the time you need, eating according to what you body needs, talking good to yourself, journaling (if you like), growing your relationships, and of course, care your body appearance

Why is important? having self-care will aid you to feel good, and this helps your productivity, energy, and relationships. It improves your life.

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So, I put together a five days challenge plus some daily activities to develop self-care and make it a habit, you can do the activities of the challenge after you have complete it the times you want:

Day one

Sleep one hour earlier

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Day two

Try meditating or do some relaxing breathing exercises

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Day three

Make a list of 10 things that make you feel proud of yourself

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Day four

Try a new recipe (and enjoy the process)

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Day five

Go for a walk for 30 minutes (without any music or distractions, find yourself in your thoughts)

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Now, you can add these two daily habits to your routine

  • After you wake up: think (or write) 3 things you feel grateful
  • Before sleeping: think (or write) 3 positive things that happened that day
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No matter what you do the challenge or not, I want you to stay with the reflection above and start taking care of you in every way.

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