I didn't realize that I haven't done one of these since last summer so here are some really good songs for some good vibes. (A couple are just good songs with wonderful meaning)


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"Don't wreck your brain, it'll be alright. Were in a weird time of life."

Spring Break- Aj Mitchell

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"No contest got the perfect view. White t-shirt i can see right through."

Dear Mr. President- Kiana Ledé

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"What kind of father would take his own daughters rights away? What kind of man thinks a marriage isn't right if you are gay?"

Same As- Marc E. Bassy

couple and cute image Image by K.C
"Pit in my stomach, i'm so nostalgic I used to love it."

In The Middle- G-Eazy

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"Wish it could feel the same again, old wounds but we're feelin' the pain again. Your eyes will never see me the same again and every time I think we're fixed, we just break again"

Tattoos Together- Lauv

couple, love, and tattoo image tattoo, always, and ink image
"Tattoos together, something to remember. If it's way too soon fuck it, whatever."

Can You Blame me- Kehlani ft. Lucky Daye

couple and Relationship image girl and friends image
"Sometimes I block all your calls, you start hitting my girls up talkin' bout 'where's my baby' and that's when I soften up"

Young And Sad- Noah Cyrus

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"And I know that you only want me to be happy but I still feel lonely tonight."

Do Not Wait- Wallows

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"And it gets worse before it gets better, that's one thing that I have come to know. Just so you know."

Good Girls- Kiana Ledé ft. Col3trane

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"True say, I could never be nobody else I would never try. But you say I do anything to keep a good girl in m life. "

Lakehouse- Jeremy Zucker

beautiful, cabin, and camping image boat, lake, and summer image
"But I've been a wreck. A lake in the mountains could help me reset. A sky full of stars, Heaven arranged us to be where we are."

10k Hours- Jhené Aiko ft. Nas

girl, book, and aesthetic image Image by Privégebruiker
"Always planin' never manifesting. Father please help me send him this message."

Once May Comes- Jack Harlow

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"Once May comes, then we graduate for the summer. Til then, lock-in, watch the cake come from it."

High- 5SOS

Temporarily removed aesthetic, denim, and film image
"Today I called to tell you that I'm changing, but I don't think you have enough respect to see me try."

Politics & Violence- Dominic Fike

Image by 𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚊 🦋 melanin and hair image
"Milage, politics and violence. At least somebody's drivin. All you need to fall in love."
That's all.
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