Hello everyone,

It is my first article here even if it’s been a long time now that I am on WHI, I’m ashamed of making an article just now (/≧ω\).

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well !

The Vogue questions bellow are not from me but from her <3
Let’s Start

1. What’s your favourite time of day ?

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I love the sunset. The sunset fills me up with positivity when the colors of the sky change from blue, grey to others beautiful colors.

2. What’s your biggest weakness ?

Being a procrastinator. Sometimes I don’t have any motivation and I can be very very lazy

3. How do you relax ?

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I make myself some green tea or verbena tea (lemon verbena) and watch a good movie

4. What is most important to you ?

Loving ourselves, Toleration, Freedom and Equality.

5. Do you believe in God ?

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Yes, I believe in God.

6. What inspires you ?

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Beautiful scenery and talented people for example people who can sing, dance, draw...

7. What three things can you not live without ?

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My cat, food and music

8. How do you describe yourself in three words ?

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Loyal, Moody and Friendly

9. What do you notice when you first meet someone ?

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I kind of analyse people, how he or she act, if he/she is introvert or extravert. And if it seems that it’s a good person

10. What are your friends like ?

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Very funny, cheerful and unique

11. What is a song you love right now ?

"Still with you" - by BTS Jungkook

12. What is your favourite book ?

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Most of the story that I read are from Wattpad but I want to start to really read books, so if you want to recommend me some good books <3

13. What are you afraid of ?

future and quotes image
Failure. I think I’m more anxious than afraid

14. How many kids do you want ?

baby, family, and goals image baby and cute image
I think 2 or 3, but at least 2

15. What’s your favourite flower ?

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Actually I kind of hate flowers 😂 I’m will maybe sound weird but I think flowers smell bad. Of course a lot of them are pretty, if a have to choose it will be roses

16. Tea or coffee ?

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I will say tea, I can't drink coffee if it’s not mixed with some milk

17. If you could play any instrument, what would it be ?

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18. Favourite holiday ?

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Summer holiday because I’m French and in France the summer holidays lasts 2 months

19. What places do you wanna visit ?

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Korea, Japan, USA, Hawaii and Australia

20. Must have beauty product(s) ?

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I don’t wear make-up but I’m really into skincare routine so I will say cleanser, moisturiser, serums and a lip balm

21. Favourite thing about yourself ?

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My lashes because they are pretty long

22. What was the name of your first pet ?

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Minouche, it was a cat

23. Favourite apps on your phone ?

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WHI (ofc), Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and V LIVE (k-pop app)

24. Where do you see yourself in ten years ?

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Maybe married with a child ?

25. Favourite director ?

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I have many but I will say Peter Jackson

26. Which three famous people would you invite for tea ?

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As you probably noticed I love k-pop but I will not choose a k-pop idol to make it fair lol. So I will invite Melanie Martinez, Johnny Depp and Mike Tyson

27. Favorite designers ?

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Coco Chanel

28. Favorite scent ?

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Oriental-woody and vanilla scent

29. Which person would you ask 73 questions ?

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If I could I would ask 73 questions to someone like Pharaoh Khufu so I could ask him how pyramids were built, about the hieroglyph... but he will probably not understand English. So I think if I could I would ask to Muhammad Ali

30. What is your favourite thing to eat ?

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I’m a gourmand person so I love a lot of things

31. What was your favourite movie as a kid ?

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I watched "The Lion King" so many times

32. Movie that makes you cry every time you watch it ?

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I really have never cried during a movie also because I don’t like to watch drama or romance movies

33. Favourite thing to wear ?

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Oversized clothing

34. Dream job ?

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mmh I think actress, I love movies and spend a lot of time watching movies. I think the actor job is fun

35. One movie you can watch over and over ?

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The film series "John Wick"

36. What’s the coolest thing in the world ?

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Being able to travel everywhere

37. What are your three favourite albums ?

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"The Fame Monster"
— Lady Gaga
"Dangerously In Love"
— Beyoncé
— Kendrick Lamar

38. Sweet or savoury ?

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39. Cats or dogs ?

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I really really really love animals, but since I have a cat I will say cats

40. Favourite actress ?

Charlize Theron image Charlize Theron image
Charlize Theron

41. What concert do you want to go to ?

exo, exol, and kpop image kpop image
K-pop concerts

42. What TV-show are you currently watching ?

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I was watching "The Walking Dead"

43. What’s your biggest fear ?

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I have phobia of all the insects, spiders and the sea

44. Favourite female singer ?

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I have many but I will say Halsey

45. Favourite male singer ?

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I really like Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

46. Do you like cooking and baking ?

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I like it but I’m a messy cook person lol I will literally drop an egg on the floor by accident and have flour all over me

47. What lyrics are stuck in your head right now ?

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"It’s Britney B*tch."
— Britney Spears song Gimme More
"Cookin' like a chef, I'm a five star Michelin."
— Stray Kids song God’s Menu
"When your tears roll down your pillow like a river."
— Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan song There For You

48. What’s the last message you sent ?

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It was "You’re Welcome"

49. Describe your lazy day ?

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I just wake up, do my morning exercises and rest at home with my cat watching movies or series in my bed

50. What does your name mean ?

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My name is Syrine it’s Arabic and it means charming and nice

51. Hobbies that you’ll never give up ?

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52. What makes you mad ?

equality, life, and quotes image black lives matter, justice, and injustice image
Injustice and racism

53. Which song would you like to hear to be happy ?

"Don’t worry" - Madcon ft. Ray Dalton

54. Your favourite word in English ?

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55. Top 3 things on your bucket list ?

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Travel, learn more languages and love myself

56. Which show are you watching right now ?

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Actually nothing

57. When do you get creative ?

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When I am alone in a calm place

58. Any adventurous thing you want to do ?

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Swimming with dolphins, turtles... but I’m too afraid of the sea 😰

59. Optimistic or pessimistic ?

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Both ?

60. Something from your childhood that you still have ?

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A gold necklace with the letter "S", I’m still wearing it

61. Favourite part of the day ?

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The night because it’s calm without noise. When people talk by messages with someone they express more their feelings than during the day I think. You get to know more about yourself. The night is very peaceful.

62. Do you believe in fate ?

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Yes, I do believe that everyone has their own fate

63. Diamonds or pearls ?

lips, red, and aesthetic image lips, lipstick, and red image

64. What’s something you can’t do ?

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Drawing, I’m really bad like for real. But I really enjoy looking at people’s drawing.

65. What do you usually eat for breakfast ?

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When I have school I don’t really take time to eat in the morning. But when I’m at home I eat fruits or milk with cereals and make a smoothie.

66. What’s your favourite color ?

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I think black

67. What makes you angry ?

lies, quotes, and movie image 90s, aesthetic, and boyfriend image
Lies and liars

68. What’s your advice towards people ?

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Love Yourself and be happy !

69. What is your favourite ice cream flavour ?

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70. Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate ?

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None, I really don’t like chocolate (sorry chocolate lovers don’t kill me please <3)

71. What is your favourite fruit ?

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72. Vintage or new ?

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I will say new because I dress the most like that

73. Who is your favourite superhero ?

gif and bucky barnes image gif and bucky barnes image
Bucky Barnes
The End

Thank you, for taking time to read my 73 Vogue Questions.

I think that all of the questions made me know more about myself.
I hope you enjoyed, if you want to talk about my article are just want to be friends I’m here <3
Have an amazing day or night, Bye